Save Money With A Staffing Plan

Hey, you guys! Are you a childcare business owner and you’re having trouble with keeping staff, and having trouble with staff calling in and not having the right people to replace your dependable staff? Well, guess what? I believe that today’s blog is going to help you shift to understanding how to utilize a staffing plan to save you money with your payroll. Here’s one of the biggest plans that you could ever create in your business to cause you to think ahead.

To cause you to think ahead, you need a written staffing plan. With the written staffing plan, it ensures continuity of care, including a plan for substitute staff. See, when you work with me one on one, I help you shift in your mindset to understand. When you understand that it’s so much more important for you to have your hiring systems operate every week, instead of waiting to have to hire with so many other things that go on your plate – let’s talk about Slowful Sally.

Slowful Sally knows that it’s time for her to hire, and every day the thought comes to Slowful Sally that I need to post ads and I need to hire me some new team members. Slowful Sally just procrastinates, she lets the thoughts come in and out her mind every single day, until all of a sudden somebody calls out. When her dependable staff calls out because of situations beyond their control, Slowful Sally is livid. She’s upset because that leaves her working in the classroom, on a Monday, and everything needs to be done in her office and she’s over transportation. Guess how Slowful Sally feels now? She feels overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve been in situations like that. That’s why I’m able to tell you exactly what I’m talking about, because I’ve been Slowful Sally.

As Slowful Sally, I waited and waited, and waited, instead of moving in the direction of my dreams and goals. When you create a staffing plan, it’s easier for you to follow the system other than your feelings. Now I train my clients that the first thing I want them to do is to create a day where they will engage in hiring, even if there’s no position available on their site. The key is to keep the spaces filled with substitutes, floaters, full-time and part-time people. Your staffing plan will help you understand why it’s important to create a substitution situation and to provide appropriate staff to cover your age group sizes, ratios, and your children benefit from having primary caregivers.

When you work through this simple staffing plan, the key to achieving the goal is to keep it as a working daily document. It can be kept in the classroom, sometimes we utilize it as a schedule, but more than anything it helps you to communicate with your team on who comes in at what time, what their responsibilities are during that day, what hours they work, what time they take their breaks, and if any substitutes will be needed during that time. Your sub should always come in at least two times a week, even though the ratio may not require it. It’s just to keep yourselves in the loop as to what you’re doing in your business, so that you can always have someone trained and ready to go to work.


I want you to go to the bottom of this blog and download your sample staffing plan. In the example, you will see that there are proper staff coverages from 7:30 to 5:30, and there’s also a primary caregiver present at all times. You will also see that proper ratios are being met at all times. Substitutes are identified as subs for the teacher or the position and the breaks needed for that position. When you sit down and clearly write out a staffing plan and then create your schedule, you’ll feel more in control of what’s happening during your week and more prepared.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s blog and Jumpstart Boost. I believe that you need more than just a blog to help you set the tone for securing your staff. How do I think you should secure your staff? By learning more about creating staffing plans and staffing schedules. This course is provided for you in the Jumpstart Blueprint. You can go into the Jumpstart Blueprint and receive information on systems and information on hiring programs to help you lead your team into the victory. Go now to blueprint!