Start Evaluating Your Employees For Staff Development and Professional Growth

Are you a childcare business owner and you’re ready to start evaluating your employees for staff development and professional growth? Well, in today’s Jumpstart Boost, I’m going to give you my strategies that I’ve personally used to help me in my employee evaluation process.

I believe that conducting a staff evaluation is key to your team taking you serious and knowing that you are truly passionate about your childcare business.

The first step to conducting your staff evaluations is to have the right tools in place.

If you have never created any tools for your employee evaluation or if you’ve never written a PIP, which is a professional improvement plan, the first one is to make sure that you have the right tools to help you accomplish your employee evaluation.

The current tools that you would need would be:


Have a calendar that you share with your team to walk them through their evaluation time frame. Most evaluations begin 30 days to 90 days, from 90 to 6 months, and from 6 months to 12 months. There are about four evaluations that you can conduct throughout the year.

Explain The Types Of Evaluations:

Understand the purpose for your staff evaluation. Some evaluations are annual evaluations, which are used to help determine whether there’s an increase in pay. The next evaluation is to determine whether or not a skill has been gained, and the final evaluation is to determine whether or not they are obtaining their professional goals that you set for their education to empower you and your business.

The next strategy I want to talk to you about is I want to talk to you about having a systematic way that you prefer for your staff evaluations to be conducted. We used a new hire training program to help us to develop our systematic way, and as a way to contribute to your staff and conducting your staff evaluations, we would like for you to follow today’s blog for some free content that’s powered by the staff new hire program. If you think you might be interested in changing how you’re currently doing business and would like to create the right new hire and staff evaluation flow, then click here.

Staff new hire program

I believe that staff must evaluate themselves. Self-understanding and self-clarity is the key to improvement. There are a few forms that we provide in the Jumpstart Blueprint course to help our childcare owners who coach with us have the right tools for staff evaluations.

Once you do your employee self-evaluation, I would utilize my classroom checklist as my business evaluation. My business evaluation comes from my classroom checklist.

This is my second type evaluation, where now that the employee has been able to grade themselves, I now sit down with them and go over the checklist. I grade them on average, satisfactory, above average, and superior. I give them either a one, two, three, or four. These strategies or these skill sets that are my second phase to evaluation are a part of the everyday closeout purposes. With that being said, I’m now evaluating the staff member based on the work that they’re performing in the classroom, which is key.

Then there is the third type evaluation, and we utilize this as our last step of evaluating our team to determine salary increase. Inside of our staff new hire handbook, we go over our standards of care, our educare, and we go over our what makes you eligible for a raise list. I grade my new team members based on this grading system. This system also works well for team members that have been on with you a long time.

As I utilize these three new hire evaluation systems, it has empowered me to have a flow and to know the back office to how my team will receive the raises that they are due. If you would like to develop more content for your staff evaluations, I highly advise for you to go to our new hire staff training by clicking here.

Working with us in your childcare business, as your coach, is the number one key to shifting what you’re currently experiencing and to shift it to a childcare business of purpose, clarity, function, and excitement. Let’s go now and get your program that you prefer by clicking here.