Systems To Becoming A Successful Child Care CEO

Are you a childcare business owner and you’re ready to step out of the director’s role and own your business like a CEO?


If so, are you facing the challenge with stepping out of that director’s role? I’ve got a few solutions that I believe today’s blog post will help you execute your idea, plan and strategy, and put you in position as a CEO. So many childcare business owners struggle with becoming a CEO because there are two things that’s stopping them from moving forward.

Number one: The first hindrance that blocks business owners from shifting to the next level are written policies and procedures. Most childcare business owners, who own and operate a childcare business, have no real clue of the written policies and procedures that they actually need to put in place in their childcare business. Because they have no clue, they run their business based on trial and error. Once an error happens, they go back and try to fix it with a solution. Nine times out of ten, those childcare business owners in that particular position rarely ever write down the solution.

I want to give you my inside secrets to creating your policies and procedures, and writing your solutions is the ultimate secret to creating policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are to be written clearly and with a new individual in mind. Don’t write your policies and procedures as if you are teaching yourself. Write your policies and procedures as if you’re teaching someone who has never worked in the childcare industry before but they sincerely desire to be the very best. Thinking like this while creating your policies and procedures will have you creating them in such a way to where it will be very detailed and a step-by-step rhythm.

Number two: Another strategy that will help childcare business owners transition into their role as a CEO is to have the mindset of a CEO. Just because you own your childcare business does not mean that everyone will do everything according to the way you set it the first time. I want you to have the mindset to include training your staff, from beginning to end, during the initial hiring process and also by creating an ongoing training process. For me, when I found out that I needed 217 written policies and procedures in my business, it felt overwhelming, but boy does it feel good to know that at the end of the day, these policies are written, in place, and taught to my team throughout their tenure with my company. Don’t be afraid of training individuals who may not stay. That’s the only way that you’ll be able to grow.

Bonus tip: Share, share, share. I know you may be asking, “What does sharing have to do with this secret, Andrea?” It has a lot to do with it. That’s one of the principles that we teach children in pre-school – we teach them to share. We teach them to share their resources and to be willing to allow someone else to experience the joy and satisfaction that they are experiencing at that time. I want you do to the same for your staff. I want you to share your resources with your team – resources for how to run your business successfully – and I want for you to let them see the pleasure of what it is like to be responsible, accountable, and to get the job done by rewarding your team members.

When you start thinking like this as a CEO, you’ll find yourself able to shift, move, and grow. Just because you are the CEO, remember that training is essential. I remember when we went on tour. I taught childcare business owners that most employees improve their performance by 65% when the CEO is present.

Now, I’m not asking you to be present every single day, especially for those of you who have multiple locations, but I am telling you that your influence and your appearance really does change and shift the mind of those who follow your vision. Uplevel your childcare business systems today with the Jumpstart Business Booster, click here.

This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, with iownadaycare.com. Check out my Jumpstart Business Booster by clicking here to systemize your staff to be productive in your childcare business.