Systems To Manage Your Childcare Business Like A CEO

For today’s proven management solution, I’m introducing you to having the right systems in place in order for you to run your business more like a CEO.

So if you’re interested in the information that you need to empower you to succeed. Be sure to keep on reading this blog.

I am so excited as we are entering into the Learn New Systems webinar season. We are live, we are hosting it every single week and we are helping childcare business owners change the game. 

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Alright guys, let’s dive right into our learn new systems download where I’m giving you the goal and accountability planner. This planner is powerful. And one of the reasons why it’s so important that you have accountable measurements and tools in place is because you can slip. And you can slip into an area of being uncomfortable. 

And so there are particular numbers and data that you must use in order to manage a successful business.

I’ll tell you my story a little bit about what really shifted in me when it came down to running my business based on data. 

When I removed myself from working inside my facilities. I had everything in the hands of a hired crew. I hired a director, an assistant, and an admin team for my other locations. So they can work and run my business without me being present. And I had to figure out how to maintain quality, maintain excellence and maintain my financial standing, although I wasn’t present, I had to capture data. 

And so I changed my phone system, touring systems, and data systems. The reason why I did that is because I needed a system that could track how many phone calls were coming into my business. How many times it took for a person to answer my phone because I had a standard? I wasn’t present but I had a standard. I also needed a system that could track who walked through my door, who went to my website, who became a part of my email list and so when I started having systems in place, I now put trust in my team to do their job because I could provide the proper leadership. 

So along my journey, I created this document which is called a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) document and this is what we use every day. Some of you may do it monthly. Some of you if you like me, you’re tracking daily data daily. 

We put tools like that into our coaching program, and if you are reading this blog, and you’re already inside our coaching program, be sure to use your enrollment tracker with a daily setup for tracking content. It’s already there. 

So I spoke about it in video one and in my previous blog, the power of key performance indicators. And in this blog, I want to talk to you about your daily numbers. 

Daily numbers are essential. And so one way that I began to manage my business through numbers is learning the art of closing out each day. How do I do that? 

And I realized that I had to put a closing system in place for my admin team. So all of my locations at a certain time of the day knew that we needed to go forth with the closed-out. And  I put in proper closed-out criteria that they would have to follow in order to get me the proper data so that I could be on the beach, I could be in my corporate office, I could be in my church, I could be on my way somewhere else and don’t have to be at my facility. But yet at a certain time, my phone’s going ‘ding, ding, ding’ because the data is hitting my phone.

Once that data hits my phone, I can review it and then make my next move. I can make my next move by making a phone call. I can make my next move by sending an email. I can make my next move by setting up a meeting whatever it was that I needed to do based on that data, that is what helped steer me in the right direction.

So once I started doing that, I realized that daily enrollment numbers were the key to that data. And so whenever you are attracting new clients in your business, you want to know how those people found out about you, where they found you, and how many people are responding to your marketing. How many people are coming in taking a tour of your business? How many people are going from the phone to the actual tour? 

The reason why that is important is because you want to track new business, and new registrations and you want to track to make sure that you have goals set for your team to meet that expectation. 

So back to my story. Once I determined and figured that out, I needed to have a tracking system in place. I began to use what I call Parent Review Guides. 

And in my Parent Review Guides, I did a few things subliminally one of the things that I did was I tracked where they work because I want to be able to go to their job and offer more childcare. And then I asked the question, what church ministry or spiritual place of worship that you attend because I want to be able to go to that place and do my church marketing strategy that I’ve developed and then I asked, “How did you find out about us?” Because I want to know what’s working and pour more into what’s working so that I can get more from that source.

I set the same system up virtually, where if a parent wanted to take a tour online, they could. This was before COVID. I didn’t have to have COVID for me to be doing business online. I’ve been doing business online. 

If parents wanted to do something online, they could but I had information where they could get on my list and then take a virtual tour. And I will ask these questions because I want to make sure that I’m moving my business in a direction where my ideal client is. I’m moving my business in a direction where people are finding out about me and also I’m moving my direction, my business in the right direction with wisdom so that I can set the right goals for my business. And that is what I want to share with you all today. 

And so next is going to be about recruiting, marketing, and retention. 

So I cannot wait to share the rest of this with you if you want to get the full training behind the scenes on how to use systems like this. To help you manage multiple locations and manage more like a CEO. 

Be sure to go to www.learnnewsystems.com and sign up for our webinar, and I’ll see you soon. 

And as always remember if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.