The Impact Of Pre Summer Marketing and Enrollment

Hey, you guys. Welcome to today’s Jumpstart Boost. I’ve got a question for you – have you started preparing to market your business to moms right now for the summer programs?

If you have not started marketing your business to enroll children into your program for summer, I suggest that you do.

It’s summertime now. Parents are going to begin to look for childcare providers and they have already started thinking what they’re going to do for the children during the summer.

This is the prime time for you to get ahead of parents needing childcare services and for you to get in the right place, at the right time, for parents to choose you and to do business with you.

The way that you accomplish that is by focusing in on a few areas in your marketing strategy to help you prepare for the best month yet.

#1–SECURE YOUR SUMMER TRIPS AND THEMES NOW:  In order to secure your summer enrollment now, I suggest that you start every day with your productivity list of tasks that you will accomplish towards increasing your enrollment. Why do I say start with a list of tasks of what you will do to increase your enrollment? I’m glad you asked. Whatever your mind tends to lean towards is what you would tend to create plans for. I want to encourage you to create plans for marketing and implementing your marketing strategy. Every day when you wake up during this month, wake up with plans that you intend to do in order to attract clients into your business.

#2- PREPARE IN ADVANCE TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES: Organize and structure problems that you experienced from the previous 30 days. In order for your summer program to be attractive and for it to meet the needs of your clients, be sure to deal with program logistic problems and make a plan to overcome any type of  organization and structure issues your business experienced the month before. Whether it is having the right staff or having your summer strategy written down for the places the children will attend,  creating your parent packets and having them ready for when parents come in to enroll with you – whatever structure or organization issues you’ve had in the previous 30 days, I want for you to address them every single day during the month that you’re marketing to attract new clients in your business.

#3 Marketing Your Plan Is A MUST:  Plan attractive marketing solutions to facilitate meeting your money goals. What do I mean by that? Your marketing solutions that you create should come from your plan of the people that you intend to attract. If your plan is to attract 12 toddlers into your business during the summer, then you would want to plan attractive marketing strategies for toddlers. If your goal is to attract nine year olds into your summer program, then you will need to have a marketing message for those you’re wanting to be a part of your summer program. This is how you will begin to have the best month yet, when you start planning for the results that you want to achieve in advance.

#4 BUILD YOUR ENROLLMENT BASED ON MONEY GOALS: Here’s my last strategy – have money goals that will stretch you to increase your enrollment. Without having money goals, your enrollment will be based on how many children you have enrolled into your business and not how much money your business makes when you enroll children. To be honest, it’s never, ever about the numbers of how many children, because as we all know, you can enroll 50 kids at $50 and not create the type of money your business needs to succeed. However, if you know how much money your business needs to earn and you create an enrollment goal to help you earn that type of money, now you have tapped into a level of success.

That is my four strategies that I want for you to begin to utilize in order to have the best month yet. A special tool that I use in my business to help me think this way and to create these particular strategies is the Jumpstart Daily Business Booster as well as the Perfect Productivity Kit for me to have a successful day. I want you to go now to andreasjumpstartstrategy.com and pick out the bundle kit. This kit will provide to you what you need in order to structure your month, your week, your day and your time.