What Happens When I Dont Plan For My Business Day

Hello, everyone. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, with IOwnaDaycare.com where we connect childcare business owners with proven management solutions. For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to you about what my life is like when I don’t take time to plan. As I was preparing for my week, I thought,  I need to be very transparent with you guys as childcare business owners, and a way for me to be very transparent is to just say hey, there are times when I don’t plan.

When I don’t plan, there are results that I have in my life, and I wanted to go over what it’s like for childcare business owners when they don’t plan consistently or when things come up that prevent you from planning like you would like to.

Today’s training is going to be all about what happens when you don’t plan.

If I don’t stay with a plan in place, it prevents me from doing big things in my business because I’m going to share with you how I think and what my life is like when I don’t use my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster.

Here are three to four key points as to what my day is like when I don’t properly plan.

#1 Planning is essential to your success and your growth.

When you don’t properly plan, something in your day doesn’t go as it should and you’re not accomplishing as much as you can or you’re not thinking on the level that you should be thinking on. That’s why I believe the first step is for you to understand that planning is key and planning is very important to your success.


#2 People Around You Feel Your Stress.

When I don’t plan, and I’m pretty sure people around me can feel it. The results of my business are an example as to what happens when I don’t plan. I can go for ten days without a plan, and when I go ten days without a plan, something doesn’t operate in excellence, or the ball gets dropped somewhere, or I end up being cluttered, emotionally drained. Let’s go into why all of this happens.

Number one: When I don’t organize my day with my planner or when I don’t take time to woo-sha when I get home from the day, I’m still carrying yesterday or I’m still carrying everything that happened the day before because I never went through a process of letting it out.

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The solution that I’ve found to help me is that when I use my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, there’s a section that says Quiet Time Thoughts, and then there’s a section that says Morning Routine.

When I go through the quiet time thought process, it helps me  to release my thoughts from that day, and then when I go through my evening routine, it helps me to identify what was it about, my day that was successful and what was it about my day that I need to improve. Then there’s a spot that says, “How do I feel overall about my day?” so that helps me release as well.

Can you imagine going ten days without releasing yesterday?

#3 I’m not thinking as a CEO. I’m not thinking on a higher level.

What I mean by that is when I don’t plan and I don’t have a flow for my day and/or I haven’t created my list of what I need to do in my business or the top seven things I need to accomplish in my business, I arrive off focus.

When I don’t go into my business ready with my focus list, then I’m getting caught up in the extra stuff that’s going on around me. For instance, I start allowing unnecessary thoughts to run through my mind:  Why is she looking that way? Is she upset? Why are the kids not walking in one straight line? What’s going on with the bulletin board? I get so caught up into the small things that I don’t have to get caught up in if I’ve got a purpose for my day.

It’s not that the kids walking in line isn’t important and it’s not that the bulletin boards aren’t important, but there comes a time where as a CEO, you’ve got to think on CEO tasks.

For instance, you may say Coach, what do you mean by that? To be very transparent and honest, we are preparing for the summer, so I need to get some summer staff members in. So why am I not focusing on replacing/adding those people? Because during the day, I’m only thinking about what am I going to do? So and so is leaving for the summer. Instead of me following a list of things I’m  focused on so and so is leaving for the summer.

Being proactive WITH  a list like:

  • Put your now hiring ad out
  • Market for your preschool teacher
  • Prepare to meet with this person and so on.

Without thinking like this, I’m not being a forward thinker.

I’m just getting caught up in what’s happening around me, and maybe that’s you, too. Maybe when you step in your childcare business without a plan, you’re not thinking on a higher level either.

Without properly planning, I stopped being vision-focused.

I stop being vision-focused because – and it’s pretty much like the prior conversation – when there is so much going on in my business, I stop to deal with what the teachers are dealing with, what they are feeling, where they are emotionally and I lose focus for how this week has to move forward and how the business has to move forward.

I need quiet time to help me think about what I’m experiencing as a result of not planning, I realize that although I confess that my business is filled with laughter, smiles and fun, and I’m not planning for laughter, I’m not planning for smiles, I’m not planning for fun, then that’s why I don’t get those results.

 As a CEO, you want to understand that what you plan for is what you will experience. As much as we know that, I believe that you can relate to me, and I want you to be just as successful, so how do you do that? Well, you learn from my mistakes and you say, I’m not going another day without purposely planning my success.

#4 The next one is my desk isn’t prepared for the next action.

One of the habits that I want for you guys to adapt is one of my habits that I use in my own business, where I’m setting up my desk for success. What do I mean by that? Normally, you pretty much know what it is that you need to accomplish and what you need to work on. Well, every day isn’t going to be the same. Some days you will get a chance to thrive in your office space and some days you will not be able to thrive in your space; you have to be on the floor. When I say on the floor, you have to be where the people are, making sure things are being ran appropriately.

However, when you are working on a particular project and it didn’t get completed, you can use your desktop manager, which is what I use in my business. You can use your sticky notes, you can use worksheets or documents that you’ve been working on, and you can set them up on your desk in the order in which they need to complete so that when you come back and you sit at your desk, you can literally look at your desktop planner, which is a planner that I created when I first game out with the goal accelerator. It’s a planner that I created that helps me to take notes. It’s a dry-erase format. It helps me take notes and put down content and information on the desktop planner. Not only that, but when I stack my work at my desk, it helps me to see where I left off at and what I need to do. I do that at the end of the day when I’m leaving my childcare business because when I walk back into my office, I can literally look at what I’ve written on my dry-erase desktop planner of what I need to complete or finish, contacts, notes. I have my sticky notes where I may jot down something real quick; put my sticky notes on my desk. Then I have those documents or forms that’s already stacked up so when I go back to my desk, all I have to do is just start where I left off at.


That’s the way that it’s supposed to technically happen for me, but I notice that when I don’t take time to plan and when I don’t take time to go through my daily business boosting process, that I leave my desk at the end of the day a mess. You know why I leave it a mess? Because that’s how my mind is at that moment. I’m not clear. I’m foggy in my thoughts. I don’t have a direction. I don’t have a reason to organize myself because I don’t know where I’m going. Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you have experienced that when you leave your desk it’s got piles of paper on it. It has no sense of direction as to what you’re going to work on as soon as you get back to your desk. You don’t have any notes to remind you of how to move forth the next day. If you have experienced that, I’m going to tell you the root of it is because you did not plan and did not go through your process the night before. I hope that this audio is helping somebody because it’s my truth.

The next one is I start going into the maintaining process and not the growing process.

When I don’t have a process in place that I’m following, I’m just maintaining at this point. I’m just taking phone calls as they come in at this point. I’m just letting anybody walk through my door and effect my time.. What I notice is when I have a plan, I know how to tell people, well, let me take an appointment for you and call you as soon as my time is available; jot it down and make time for it. When I don’t have a plan, I just take on phone calls unnecessarily; I’m answering my phone when I shouldn’t be answering my phone. I’m not following a system, so I’m just keeping myself loaded, loaded, loaded with interruptions because I don’t have a plan that makes me focus in on staying committed to what I said I was going to do that day. If you find yourself dealing with daily interruptions, you’re just taking things as they come instead of you taking control of your day, then that’s a result of you not planning. I’m experiencing it, so that’s why I’m able to talk to you from this point.

Here’s another one. When I don’t properly plan, social media takes up much of my time. Normally when I have a plan in place, I can flow and do my posts and inbox my clients, but then when I don’t have a plan in place, I’m too available to interruptions on social media. A lot of times when I am following my plan for my day, I’m not able to reply back to my messages right away, or I’m not able to reply back to comments, click like. A lot of times I have to wait until I have time in my schedule for that. If I’m not following the plan, then that means that I’m just – whatever comes through social media, if somebody inboxes me, I inbox them right back because my mind isn’t focused. Maybe you find yourself where you are allowing social media to be a distraction instead of you putting it in its place.

The next one is when I don’t have a plan – now this is what’s funny. When I don’t have a plan, I leave feeling as if I didn’t get anything done. Now, trust me, I have been busy the whole day. It’s not like I’m just sitting back and not doing anything with my day. I’m in the classrooms, or I’m thinking, or I’m doing this, but what’s happening is that I’m not able to go back that night and mark off on my seven times daily checklist that I did those things. I’m not able to go back and write in my quiet time thoughts about what my day was like and what I perceive it to be the next day. I’m not able to go back and really track my actions because I never created a plan to track. So I leave my day feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything, but here’s the funny part. When I don’t plan and organize like I should, I leave feeling more tired, more drained, and almost like just down. Why do I leave feeling like that? Because I’m overworking my brain. I’m overworking myself and underachieving.

These are the transparent moments that if I don’t share it with you, you may not understand what you are experiencing, why things are like that for you. I’m sharing them so that you can understand that okay, first of all, you are not alone. Second of all, there is a solution for where you are. I’m telling you that several of you are emotionally and physically tired and drained because you never had a plan in place to keep moving forward. I’m not telling you guys that you have to be like strict planners or you have to stick strictly to a plan because there are times when you need to deviate from the plan and follow a unction and a flow. Then there are times when you have to know yourself, be true to yourself, be true to your goals, be true to your dreams and know that hey, this is the time for me to bounce back. This is the time for me to get back on track. This is the time for me to get organized. This is why you are leaving your business feeling drained and tired, when you can’t even pinpoint what you’ve done that day to be so drained and so tired. Those are my words of encouragement to you, that if I know that I can be the creator of a planner and can go ten days without planning because I get off track, because I allow something to take my focus, then I know that several of you that are listening today are finding help in this audio because you’ve experienced the same.

My last words of encouragement and advice for those of you who are reading right now and you’re saying to yourself, coach, I am there; I feel you; how do I change?

  • Well, number one is you acknowledge that you have to do something different.
  • Number two, you get your daily jump start business booster, you open it up, and you plan. You go right to your morning routine section, where you begin to write out what this morning is going to look like. I don’t care if it’s 8 PM at night. I don’t care if it’s 12 midnight and you’re reading this; it doesn’t matter. Go ahead and plan out the next day.
  • Then go to your evening section and let out what you’re thinking, let out what you feel.
  • Then go to your quality time section and write down what you want it to be like for you by you becoming a great planner in your business. When you do those types of processes, when you take back your authority, you take back your day, you take back your time, what that will do for you is it will cause you to have major success in your life and in your business.

This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, with iownadaycare.com. If you need a planner, you can get one www.thejumpstartbusinessbooster.com.