Why Is Commitment Important To Your Cash Flow?

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Hi Everyone!

WHOA! It’s been 6 weeks since we last talked and I want to first apologize for the delay. See, let me explain, I have been working day and night on opening my second location and preparing for the “Back To School” marketing campaign. As some of you may know the licensing process can take up to six to three months in the state of Georgia and the pressure to pass licensure the first time can be nerve wrecking!

On top of opening my second location and I wanted to keep my commitment to marketing calendar for my first location. I know it sounds like a lot but owning and operating a childcare program takes passion and commitment.

And to add to that, I hosted my first live event DREAM BIG and people came from all over Georgia and Florida! It was an amazing event which caused IOwnADaycare’s brand to EXPLODE! With my online marketing calendar in place I had to be committed to that as well, I had to keep adding new clients to IOwnADaycare.Com so I went on my Enrollment Building Tour which was AMAZING! So stay tune for next year’s Build It Big and Build It Better Conference NOV 2014 for Childcare Business Owners!

But as a result of doing so much I dropped my commitment to your bi-weekly ezines and after my coach found out she told me that I must stay committed to my ezines NO MATTER WHAT, And boy was she is right!

Staying committed during the hard times and busy times are very important to growth and development.

Do you offer your parents a monthly newsletter that you may have stopped sending out?

Do you offer a blog for parent information and you haven’t had time to commit to it?

What is it that you have stopped being committed too?

I believe that Success is not for the faint of heart ( easily offended) success is for those who are willing to be stretched into excellence by any means necessary!!!

Let me know if this blog post was for you. I want to hear back from you!