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Building A True Sisterhood

Hey There! Childcare Boss!

This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and I got a question for you. Are you a childcare business owner who has encountered women that are in the childcare industry and you have asked them questions but can’t get answers?

Do you feel as if there is too much competition instead of collaboration in our field?

Are you done and tired all together? Do you feel as though you are ultimately grinding to the top all alone?

If this is you, I want you to read today’s blog post because I am going to talk to you about how to end that vicious cycle and become a leader in your community by building a strong sisterhood.

I believe that my overall passion for starting JumpStart Bosses of America stemmed from the lack of comradery and unity of childcare business owners both locally and online. I remember needing help from a childcare business owner to get my license. The help  I needed from them was slighted due to a disconnect somewhere along the lines of business owners. We disconnect with one another because of what is happening in our own business or our own life. Sometimes we drop the ball and let others around us subside. When this happened to me, it impacted my mindset into thinking that this was not a “us” but it was me against her. I didn’t like that at all and I didn’t like how that made me feel.

That is when I decided years later that I needed to observe what was really happening in childcare. I realized that I wasn’t the only one. There were several women who were in the childcare industry that felt the same, encountered the same, and done the same. I didn’t want to continue that cycle and someone had to break it. That is why I believe that if you were to create your sisterhood or even become apart of the JSBOA sisterhood then you will definitely find that there is a completely different sisterhood vibe when it comes to creating a platform of women who collaborate instead of competing.

The Key To The JumpStart Bosses of America

The key to a successful network is a clear vision, clear assignments, unadulterated passion, love for their business, and a desire to see others win. That is one of the key factors of JSBOA is that we desire to see others win.

Had I never encountered the story I am about to tell you, I’m not sure how effective I would have been, but it takes for you to go through, learn, and experience somethings so that you can transition and change the mindset of the industry as a whole.

My Personal Story

I remember years ago when I first started my program, my licensing agent came over and refused to give me my license because I didn’t have enough science material readily available in abundance to cover the children that would be licensed for that room. I felt defeated and felt like when will things ever change for me? I got all the way to this point of licensing and now I can’t get my license.

Then I had this AHA moment to call one of the most successful black-owned programs in my area and ask her if I could just borrow some materials for the classroom so that I could send it to the consultant. Then, once I’m licensed, I could give her the materials back.

Do you want to know that well over 4-6 weeks passed by and she never brought me the stuff? She said she would help me but she never came through. At the end of the day, it was her saying by the time I got off work girl, I was tired! I was thinking to myself that she could have left it outside by the playground. I could have come by and got it. Or she could have told me to pick it up from the side of the road and I would have done it. But my mind said to me, it was never truly in God’s will for her to help me. I needed to experience what I felt was a unified front. I needed to experience it so that I could help other women understand and overcome if they were to ever experience that.

Well, needless to say, other means were made for me to move forward with the science material. One of the ways was pawning the title to my vehicle. I did what I had to do which is maybe what I should have done in the beginning but I wasn’t thinking that not going for 100% on my own was wrong. I thought that we had a relationship and she could have lent me a few items just so I could get a license on that one day and return them back.

Keys To Sisterhood

I know the pain and hurt that comes along with thinking that you have an open relationship with those who are in your field, only to find out that it’s not mutual. That is key number one.

#1 Having Mutual Respect and Understanding of What The Relationship Is About.

#2 Being A Maven, An Expert In Your Field. Not wanting to be a know-it-all but just being an expert in your field.

#3 Making Time To Be Apart of That Person’s Life and To Be Open To Holding Them Accountable But Yet A Judgment Free Zone.

#4 Venturing Out and Doing Things That Would Be Fun As Well As Mind-Expanding. Renting boats, renting private planes, renting limos, calling over a private chief, and doing things outside of the norm but yet fun, creative, and taking it to the next level. This creates a major bond. Dressing up to go shopping, looking your very best. Everyone is excited about each other’s success.

This is how you create that sisterhood and that bond. This is what I have learned to do due to my own test and trials. I want to encourage you that as a leader of the JumpStart Bosses of America has gone through the issues that I have seen when it comes to unity and togetherness, I make it clear that we are not a click, but we are a sisterhood. We love each and every one. We help support our sisters. We are our sister’s keeper.

There are 3 main focuses: Love God, Love Family, and Make Millions

I believe that the JumpStart Bosses of America is full of like-minded individuals that would love, support, and motivate you. Not only that, but it is full of content that is designed to get you to the desired end goal. With that being said, join us in our JumpStart Bosses of America program today by clicking here.

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