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Changing your mindset

Are you a childcare business owner and you are finding that you need help in the area of changing your mindset. As soon as something challenging happens, you find yourself faltering,  getting sucked into the moment, and you find yourself feeling like you just can’t be successful.

Well, in today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about the seven mindsets that radically improved my life and my business. I’m also going to tell you my story of how I got to this point in my life.

Well, for those of you who do not know, I owned and operated a childcare business for close to 20 years. And during this time of operating my childcare business, I had to evolve and grow. But my growth point that I started from, is where many of you can relate to me because you too have experienced this area.

When I got started in the business, I had a “no one understand my mindset” and a “mindset of not trusting anyone”. With these two mindsets happening in me, these mindsets were the way I conditioned my brain to think, which then conditioned the thoughts I thought, which then conditioned the actions I created for myself. These conditions that I had going on in my mind blocked me from being taught and blocked me from knowing when my teacher had appeared.

This same cycle of being blocked from information and the same cycle of being blocked from knowing the people that have been assigned to help me caused me to go through cycle after cycle after cycle. I used to think that it was because I was a foster student, that I went through the cycles. But I realized that in the midst of me being a part of a foster care society, I had that type of mindset.


Importance of mindset

I was missing seven of the most important mindsets that one needs in order to radically change their life. See, when I came to the realization, that mindset is understanding that there isn’t a set of established attitudes that you live by. And to be honest, my attitude was, I know. And because I had this, I know attitude. No one could tell me anything. And neither that I recognized that my teacher was present. I needed to have a change of mindset.

And a change of mindset required me to have more information so that I can get things done. So that I could really walk into my authentic call so that I could really experience a level of success. So that I can really become the teacher, I always wanted to be, I needed to have a mindset shift. I needed this mindset shift so that I can see the bigger picture to get things done.

Mindset helped my business

Now, the next question is, Coach Andrea, how did you get to where you are? And what happened? Well, it was a mindset. Mindset for me, caused me to learn to do –> self-trust. If I was going to do anything great, I had to be able to trust the God that was on the inside of me. I had to learn to believe in my capabilities.

A goal-setting mindset is key.

God put me in a presence of women who, who instilled in me the art of goal setting who instilled in me the art of accomplishment, and that these things can only be accomplished things in life will only be accomplished if I set a goal for it. So then I had to shift and develop a goal-setting mindset. When I developed a goal-setting mindset, then I remember coming in contact with my coach, and I was like, Oh my gosh, I just experienced something that I failed it and she said, Andrea, where is your art of gratitude? Where is your gratitude? You must be patient with yourself without giving up.

Then the next mindset I had to develop was the mindset to be courageous that I had to invest in myself. I had to be courageous enough to believe that what was in me was worthy of the investment, I had to do things that He calls me to get rid of fear and step into courage.

All right, The next one is I had to get a focused mindset. When I began to have a focused mindset, it caused me to shift my mind from worrying, complaining, blaming, casting faults, seeing what was the issue, instead of giving myself the ability to strategize and come up with the problem and to tap into ideas and to do more, I had to learn to focus. And then I develop a positive mindset, a positive outlook, knowing in myself that it’s going to work out, it’s all going to work out.

Finding a positive leader

Knowing how to think positively about my leaders, about those who God surrounded me with about the team that God had given me. And then last but not least, I had to develop a learning mindset. There should never be a time in your life where you have to question investing in yourself to learn more. When I begin to link up with women, who are spiritual, confident, skilled, and learn in their area of expertise it began to help me in the areas that I lack the most.

When I began to connect with women, that’s when my destiny began to shift. Maybe you too, are seeking a shift in your destiny, a shift in your potential a shift in your outcome, if this is what you’re seeking, I want to encourage you to link up with us with Jumpstart Bosses of America, this sisterhood that we are developing. It’s one that will support the shift in your life that will support the decisions you make to radically improve and change.

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Let go of wrong relationships, so that you can tap into the right ones. Many of you are at a place where you only need to level up in your environment. Then all the system training, all the management training, all the staff training, all the professional growth, and development trainings, those things will begin to light on fire.

Because that’s when you understand how to bring these things together and how they are to take place in your life. Right now, I want for you to go to and become a part of our resources, our materials, and our masterclasses, home study program, and more to change your mindset which will then change your life.


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