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Company Overview

Company Overview

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Company Overview

IOwnADaycare is an online consulting firm that’s created to help childcare owners, leaders, and entrepreneur go to the next level of business success. The IOwnADaycare brand is comprised of self-help materials, mentoring, coaching, products, live events and VIP masterminds that are geared towards helping individuals, as well as corporations, develop winning strategies for success mindsets, program management, childcare marketing and multiple streams of income.

We at IOwnADaycare believe in Dreaming Big and Then Doing It! This is the Force behind accomplishing anything. One Must first believe! Next, we succeed because we are DEDICATED to our success and the success of others. Finally, We believe that you must NEVER GIVE UP! Without this mindset, your childcare goals and dreams will remain a dream.

Who are we most helpful to?

IOwnADaycare exists to help children become academically strong respectful of others and to become achievers. We can accomplish this by building a team of childcare owners, leaders and entrepreneur who strive for excellence, desires to be systematically organized and fights hard to manage the childcare business that they love all while doing business as a business to create the lifestyle that they dream of!

Our Mission is to empower you with information that causes a change and to IGNITE your passion to build a bigger and better childcare business and life. We believe that it is your God-given right to succeed on EVERY level!
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