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Creating A Budget

To create a budget for a daycare center, you simply need to list the amounts you will spend monthly to operate the business.

Here is a list of items you will need to write down:

  1. Rent/Lease or Mortgage
  2. Utilities:
  3. Lights
  4. Water
  5. Cable
  6. Phone
  7. Natural Gas
  8. Insurance:
  9. Liability/Property Insurance
  10. Workers’ Comp Insurance
  11. Vehicle Insurance
  12. Medical Insurance
  13. Credit Cards/Loans
  14. Loan 1
  15. Loan 2
  16. Loan 3
  17. Maintenance:
  18. Lawn
  19. Fire Equipment
  20. Building
  21. Computer
  22. Consumables:
  23. Soap
  24. Napkins
  25. Paper Towels
  26. Cleaning Supplies
  27. Monthly Food Cost
  28. Monthly Teacher Supplies
  29. Payroll
  30. Federal Taxes
  31. State Taxes
  32. Local Taxes
  33. Monthly Savings Amount

Now calculate the income you will have coming in, minus the monthly costs, and see if you end up with enough profit to make it worthwhile.

If you are not making more money versus what your expenses are, then I suggest that you take a look at creating more income and lessening your expenses.

P.S. Did you know that your staff-to-child ratios may be eating up your money? If you are experiencing this issue, contact me  with your concerns for an individual assessment.

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