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Creating The Ultimate Husband and Wife Partnership In Your Childcare Business

In September 2007, husband and wife Pinakin and Nirali Patel opened their first Kiddie Academy center in Elkridge, Md. Overall, the chain has 85 U.S. locations. Photo courtesy of Kiddie Academy

Can you remember the time when you and your spouse decided that going into the childcare business was the right choice for your family? Or maybe you are thinking about getting started and your spouse don’t see the benefit. Which ever question you can answer yes to you must keep reading this.

Many of you have experienced and would like to experience your spouse working alongside you in your childcare business but you have faced so many challenges to getting the team to working efficiently and effectively until it was best to just stop trying… But don’t give up. You can have MORE by working together than by working apart.

Working together as a team has more pros than cons. But the key to working together is UNITY!

My husband and I have been working together in business since 2007 and our growth as a business, couple, and ministry has doubled by just working together and knowing who plays which role in our childcare business. But it was not always this easy or that way. When we first got started in the childcare field Kamau worked another job and we really did not see the importance of us working together and to be honest…I was afraid that we would not be able to make it financially if he resigned from his fulltime job…

But I was wrong. ALL WRONG! When we decided that being a childcare business owner would be our profession and that we were ready to take BIG LEAPS in our childcare business he resigned…and things changed for the better. We grew our business in two years from 3 children to 100 children just by working together and applying the principles of unity. So we decided to help other couples grow and achieve the same success in their childcare business.

I decided that I needed to bring Kamau to the daycare success network as well…Please join me as I welcome my husband and childcare business partner…Kamau Dickerson

Hi! Everybody!

My name is Kamau Dickerson and I am excited to assist my wife and you in creating the Ultimate Husband/ Wife Team.

My words of encouragement for you is to: Keep The Dream Alive Through Unity!

“Hope For Your Future Will Empower You In Your Present”

Do not focus so much on your present condition BUT Focus on HOW TO DEVELOP your present condition because that development will launch you to your greatness. My wife and I have created a dream board to stay focused and to ensure that our family life doesn’t overflow into our business decisions.

The dreams are different but we both work together in order to achieve every dream. We are One! It doesn’t matter what your dreams are just make sure you are in agreement with your partner. Working together as a team is the only way to build your business and build a dream!

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