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Daycare Office Organization: Creating a Binder System

Today was so refreshing! I arrived early at my center to meet and greet my parents and to observe how the morning sessions where going. Everything was working out fine.;)

So I begin to use my time to review  a few of my Binder Systems.  You may be wondering what a binder system is? A binder system is an organized  5 ring binder that contains information for a particular subject and it also works as a quick reference guide. I have created a binder system for all of my forms. As you may know we generate more sheets of paper than what we can count!

During my review I updated my personnel policy and procedures to address the new rules and regulations that are in effect from my licensing division. Then I created a new 90 day training process for new staff . This process includes the areas of concentration based on the new policy and procedures. This is for a 12 weeks training period.

I revised my binder to include a checklist for my staff supervisor to implement and follow . And  I also created an evaluation for staff to complete.

The binder has tabs used to divide the 12 weeks training periods and the evaluations at the end of each training period.

Do you want to know what makes my staff efficient enough to assist me  in marketing my childcare business successfully ? This system makes it so easy! I have  divided my personnel policy and procedure to meet  weekly expectations! Therefore my staff supervisor is not guessing what to train, the binder system has the material established and organized  for each training period.

So now my staff supervisor can have a quick reference for the training material and my system is completely automated! Hands Free!

Just the other day when I arrived to the center I noticed that one of my lead teachers was out. I did not know that she was out but my systems are automated to the point that I don’t have to know because my staff supervisor made sure the system that I have in place was implemented to keep the classrooms with adequate staff!

My center is on auto! And now I can focus on creating other streams of income!

Be sure to implement the Binder System and let me know how this works for you!

Some of the best centers are operated by the most highly trained staff! Organize your business so that your business can make you money!

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