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Easy Marketing Ideas For Flyers

Have you created any marketing pieces lately and no one has responded?

Maybe it is not the clients…. but that it may be the content on your flyers? Not using flyers effectively could possibly be destroying your  brand.

Oh my….just thinking about my own marketing blunders and mistakes that I made when  I opened my first childcare business is pretty scarey. I used flyers in my childcare business but  I made several errors and one of the errors were: Font Errors. I was guilty of using the following fonts on my flyers and marketing pieces:

Have you created flyers using any of these fonts?

In the beginning stages of my childcare  business I did not  know that using these fonts on my flyers was effecting my brand and my client attraction. I thought that clients could not find me but actually my flyers was running potential clients away from me.

In- fact properly branding your flyers will help set you apart from your competition but you have to get rid of the “old way” of branding your business. Have you ever seen flyers that had no brand presence at all?  Let me show you an online example:

Where is the branding on this flyer?  Are some of you are still making this mistake if so this is costing you time, money, and destroying your childcare business.

Here is a list of flyer NO NO’s

1. Never display a flyer without your logo and brand

2.Never list your program features always list your program BENEFITS

3. Be careful. Stay away from the wrong fonts

4.Never send out a flyer without a Call To Action

The more I learned,  the more I understand that every marketing piece required 8 key components to generate interest and for clients to call. I learned more about branding and places to market my business for free and proper placement of my flyers.

Here is my current flyer:


When you are creating flyers you will need a flyer marketing plan. A marketing plan is a strategic action plan that you have written and are determine to follow to reap success. By having a plan to follow you can track your efforts and eliminate what doesn’t work.

If you are having trouble creating Client Attraction Flyers watch this

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