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Employing Good But NOT Great Teachers

I had the preschool teacher from hell.


Do you have teachers you know you need to fire during the pandemic?


If yes, continue to read and not make the same mistake I did.


In the last email, I told you about my BEST teacher, Ms. Orr. Unfortunately, she is no longer working with me, therefore I hired this lady. Her name is Ms. (Not Gonna Call Her Name), and she is a woman who throws a rock and hides her hand. Do you know of them kind?


I have gotten several signs that I needed to let her go. The first sign happened during an office visit with her.  I let her in my office and while we were talking, a parent came in and paid their childcare fee, I wrote the parent a receipt and put the money in my office drawer. Just when you think you can trust, this situation proves me wrong. She saw me put money in my drawerWhen I went back to get it, all of a sudden my $300 was missing from the draw, and the camera shows that she was the only person that walks out of the office by herself, I was mad!


MISTAKE #5 I didnt have proof nor did I have the skills to approach it without offense and didn’t feel like hiring anybody else.





Instead of showing her the camera, played it off and made an assumption that she must have needed the $300 more than me, but there was something about her character that impacted my business later. BIG IMPACT. She took another student into my toddler classroom and allowed another teacher to pop him, then she called the state on me like I was the problem.


So when she did that, it was a bigger DECEPTION.


She lies and blames all of the issues on the two teachers in the room where she took the student.


NOW, have three staff members that I’m losing instead of one because I didn’t know how to resolve the conflict and I didn’t fire her when I should have.


Its true when they say. one bad apple destroys my bunch.
Hiring her ruined the chemistry in the faculty. It was hard to build the team I needed for years to come.


Don’t make this mistake. Let’s chat about attracting the best during these times in a few more days! Tickets are LIMITED and TIME ENDS SOON!

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