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Entrepreneurial Thinking In Your Child Care Business

Entrepreneurs are like problem solvers! You surge the industry with IDEAS that solve problems. As an entrepreneurs you have several qualities that can enable you to start and grow a successful child care business against BIG CORPORATE CENTERS and similar competition. The most two important habits you can develop in entrepreneurial thinking are: SPEED and FLEXIBILITY.

Develop the habit of moving quickly on opportunities or solving problems for your customers that those BIG CORPORATE CENTERS tend to move slowly on. As the local entrepreneur YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE! The faster you serve your clients, the more valuable and attractive they will consider you to be! Develop the habits of moving fast in selling, marketing and serving your customers and YOU will gain an edge in any market.

It is important for you to develop the habit of THINKING ABOUT MARKETING, SALES AND MOVING FAST FOR HUGE RESULTS!

Your #1 Key To Sales and Marketing is to devote 80 PERCENT OF your TIME to innovation and marketing

Here are some simple steps to a major MIND SHIFT.


#1 Think about your customers most of the time.

#2 Think about the things you could do, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to make your services more attractive to more customers

#3 Establish a basic mission or goals for your sales efforts. Here is an example: Our mission is to get our customers to buy from us rather than our competitors and to buy again because they are highly satisfied.

#4 Create a list of your efforts and TAKE FAST ACTION.

Here is a video about Changing Your Mindset To Achieve Your Desired Goals For Your Childcare Business and Life!

Much To Your Success,

Andrea Dickerson-Daycare Success Mentor and Coach
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