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Establishing A Strong Customer-Service Policy

dealing with parent complaintsProviding quality customer service in your childcare program is the foundation for growing and establishing your success. Establishing a strong customer-service policy will ensure you continued success. Consider this: A family enrolling one child in your program will spend approximately $5,000 to $10,000 per year with you.  What can you do to protect and ensure that income remains in your business?

One way is by creating a customer-service plan. A customer-service plan is a handbook that you create that governs your response to parents and children and to ensure you are fulfilling your families’ needs and expectations before and during enrollment.

By creating a customer-service plan, you remove yourself from making an emotional decision and you create a process for handling customer-service issues.

Four Steps to Creating a Customer-Service Plan

Ideally, high-quality customer service is embedded in your program’s culture. It applies to all program personnel and should be included in all of your handbooks and procedures.

Step 1: Know what is expected of you and your staff’s services

Step 2: List how you will meet your families’ expectations

Step 3: How will you handle problems? List each step for you, your staff and parents to follow

Step 4: Create forms for staff and parents to use to report concerns

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