Jumpstart my childcare 2 day conference!

Have you been looking for a childcare success conference to help you take your childcarebusiness to the next level?

Without Further Delay, Childcare Business Owners Can Now Attend The Ultimate Childcare Conference Designed Specifically For Childcare Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Get Rid Of Success Barriers, Get Clued In On How To Build A Bigger and Better Childcare Business, And Get Proven Management Solutions That Will Cause Order and Increase. Most of All, It’s For Childcare Business Owners Who Want To Be Motivated and Inspired To Succeed!

Meet your host & Childcare Boss, Andrea Dickerson

The conference is going to help you establish a bigger and better childcare business that will provide you with peace and the security of having the knowledge you need to turn your business around and generate the income you want.

So let’s get real and have some straight talk. This conference is designed for you if you’re needing help in these areas


Get Started Phase


You’re a career orientated person and you’re looking to get started in your childcare but you don’t know where to start and because of what you don’t know.

As a result of you not having any guidance and proven childcare success systems you’ve put off your dreams and goals of owning your own childcare.

HOWEVER you can’t shake the quiet thoughts that are coming to you that say: Start Your Own Childcare Business! If this is you, let me say this, when you attend my two-day conference you will discover

you’ll learn how to SET UP THE FOLLOWING:

  • The internal operational systems that every childcare business owner must implement for success
  • Personal traits that you must either have or hire someone that does
  • Choosing A Location
  • Office Procedures and Recurring Task
  • Business Management
  • System Automation
  • Administrative Duties
  • Owner Operator Responsibilities
  • And Much More!

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The Next Person That This Conference is for:

The Childcare Owner That’s Ready To Get Organized and Get Going!

If you have been in your childcare business for at least six months and you are overworked, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired of operating

your childcare business off of sheer luck, 12 hour work days and inaccurate management systems. Join us for the 2-day conference and leave knowing how to get back on track!

What you are experiencing in your business is a result from lack of operational systems, you need proven management systems in place to stabilize your operations, hire and retain competent and splendid staff and organize the academic structure of your childcare program here’s what you will gain: