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The Jumpstart Academy  Is More than A Program, But It’s Family Unit Of Committed Childcare Owners and Answers To Your Childcare Challenges To Help You Achieve Success Twice As Fast!
Get the missing pieces, accountability, inspiration, and motivation that will cause you to succeed!
It’s a unique program that allows you to get more done in less time. No longer will you desire to go to the next level and not have a plan to achieve it.
Kamau and I believe in an ongoing learning approach to business especially the business of childcare. Although we did not begin as experts.. we fought our way through trails, test, ups, and downs until we mastered the process of starting a home-based childcare business, a group daycare, a nanny agency and owning/managing multi-site childcare locations.
The Jumpstart Academy was created for all levels of Child Care Owners, Directors, Family Child Care Providers, and those who are just Getting Started in a childcare career.
Our promise is to stick with you until you WIN! Joining The Childcare Acceleration program will provide you with the skills to live out your God-given privileges as a Childcare Boss.

That’s right. We know what it is like to work together from start to finish in an everyday childcare environment and how partnerships work so that your business can achieve maximum success.

What we’ve learned from experience will certainly enhance your business skills for partnering with your spouse or leaders in business. Our promise to you and to ourselves is to keep progressing and learning more and more so that you will always have top-notch, relevant and proven expertise to help guide you in your childcare business.

Team Dickerson has a proven track record of personal success within their childcare businesses and from their list of clients which continues to grow daily. From suffering together so that they could enjoy success together, Team Dickerson demonstrates their ability to deliver results and strategies for childcare success!
If you want to learn how to work well with your supporting partner, spouse or with the leaders on your team in general, learning the key strategies and principles that Team Dickerson will share will change your business and your life and how you manage your team for the better.

One principle that Kamau and I stand on is that where there is unity there is a strength. We know first hand that without increasing our skills in business partnerships we would and could not have been so successful.

Going to the next level in your business requires a pure heart and a ready mind. Begin to get your heart and mind ready and fixed on taking your childcare business to the next level. There is much more in-store for you but you must be ready to work hard and WIN!

Excellent leadership and being a great example: Everyone needs a leader, having a leaders is a biblical principle. You need a leader to reprove, guide and instruct, warn, care for and challenge you. Plus be your EXAMPLE. My main concern is not to have the Authority but to use it as a tool to assist you in succeeding, to mentor from my own experience, business knowledge, wisdom and to help.

An Outlet To Serve Beyond Yourself: Everyone needs a support system and a place to offer their skills for service as well as form and create a connection with a leader to learn from. Being an active member of this elite group will offer you the chance to give back to people who need you most.

Proven Success Information & Training: You will coach with me to provide you with insight, enlightenment, ideas, information, and encouragement to try new strategies and ideas to free up your time so that you can focus on more important tasks.

A Powerful Network: Everyone needs a NETWORK Of SUCCESS childcare owners that believe the same as you do so that you can begin to think on a higher level. So many people work and live around low-level thinkers and being apart of a group of success thinkers is your escape from what you see so that you can focus more on what you believe.

Develop A Discipline For Childcare Excellence While Being Challenged To Remain Accountable:
You’ll learn how to become more disciplined in your craft and develop a skill for mentoring and grooming others around you to think more successful.

Find A Place Where You Fit and Belong:
Honestly, The Childcare Acceleration Program is contagious!! With you being apart of the program, you will make it even better environment.

Break Out of Your Shell and Stop Being Shy:
You will find positive, emotional support , and motivating criticism to nourish you and inspire you to build a bigger and better childcare business.

Building Relationships and Assembling Together:
You’ll become apart of a family of other childcare owners that will assemble together online, through LIVE masterminds, and by phone frequently. Gathering together with one mind to build a successful childcare business as a collective focus is a powerful tool for business growth and development. Purpose groups tend to offer refuge when you’re going through tough times.

Now that you understand the heart of this program, you can text me now if this is for you 912-399-9630.

And Remember:If You Manage The Childcare Business You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!