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Finding Reliable and Devoted Parents

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 12.00.43 PMAre you having a hard time keeping your childcare slots filled? If so, I know the feeling.

Finding ideal clients that will remain in your program for a period of time can happen, you need to know how to find them. Finding parents that are faithful and devoted to your program requires a combination of systems. Here are a few of my success secrets to help you get started:

1.      Take a look within your current parent base. Can you find parents that you enjoy working with who show all the signs of being reliable and devoted? Write their names down.

2.      Create a survey asking questions about how parents found out about you, where they work or what their profession is, places they enjoy taking their children, what they LOVE about your childcare program, if they know any more families that need childcare, what they read and what places they frequent the most.

3.      Understand the biggest problem or challenge that you solve for them. Use this as your marketing message.

4.      Ask those parents for referrals.

Knowing more about your faithful and devoted parents will help you understand their decision-making process.

Owning and operating a childcare business can be as simple or as technical as you make it. As you can see, at I Own A Daycare we focus on the full buying process and understanding why parents buy from our childcare programs.

Once we attract them, we find out more about our ideal clients and then we use that information to find more clients like them.

Don’t be afraid to find out more about your ideal client. Doing so doesn’t mean you’re immediately going to cut off everyone who doesn’t fit the profile exactly, it just means that you care and want to offer more of what you love to parents who will love your services back!

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