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Growing Your Childcare Business With Marketing By A Plan Vs No Plan

Are you at a loss for creative ideas to draw new clients into your childcare business so that you can boost your enrollment or remain constantly full?

In today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about the difference between planned marketing versus on the spot marketing. 

Planned marketing is where you’ve created a system for how you are going to market, when you are going to market, who you are going to market to, and the avenues that you are going to get your marketing message out to people. 

Most marketing personnel call it marketing funnels, and this is exactly what you’re creating when you take time to implement planned marketing. 

On the spot marketing is when you come up with an idea, and you implement it right away. It brings in some results, but you weren’t very thorough with the full concept, so now we can call that on the spot marketing. I’ll give you a few examples of what on the spot marketing is.  

For example, when we find children in the middle of something that’s so interesting in our childcare business, we capture the moment by using our iPhones or some type of smartphone, and we immediately post it on our Facebook page. When we post a photo, we have to think of something really quick, on the spot, to say in reference to that photo to get it out there. We have results when we do on the spot marketing, but our greater results come when we have planned marketing in place. Now, in the future, we would take that same photo, and put a plan behind it, and run it through our marketing systems all over again. It’s really fun when you can plan out your marketing versus on the spot marketing, especially if you’re looking for results. 

If you are at loss, and you’re not being as creative it’s because you’re doing a lot of on the spot marketing, I want to help you answer this challenge because it’s very simple. 

Why Are You Lost As To What You Should Market?

You’re lost for ideas because you haven’t created a proven yearly marketing system. If you’ve created a system, and you’re not clear as to how to market your message and when to market your message, then you’ll definitely want to continue reading this blog post. 

Having childcare specific content and marketing activities that are pertinent to your parent base and your target market is the most important piece to your planned marketing. 



It’s so important to me and my childcare success, that I’ve created a system to help me market by seasons. I know when to market my services, how to market my services, and what services to market to my clients, both clients who are enrolled and/or to prospects. I accomplish this by using my Jumpstart Business Booster, which includes my Yearly Childcare Marketing Calendar that I use specifically for my childcare business. 

It gives you detail for detail all of my seasonal focuses that I use in my childcare business. 

Within my Jumpstart Business Booster is an additional ten steps to make your marketing system complete. It’s a great boost for childcare business owners like yourself who have never created their own marketing system before, and you need to be exposed to one so that you can create a plan that will help you take your business to the next level.

Because I have a marketing calendar in place, my results are phenomenal. They’re so phenomenal, and I have to attribute it to my marketing calendar because it allows me to achieve a greater impact with my message. Just imagine if you knew exactly what you were going to market months before it happened. The impact that it would on have your creativity, your planning, your marketing materials, and even the impact it would have on you hosting events to build up to one really big huge event. 

There are reasons why planned marketing works better than on the spot marketing.  

Reason #1 Planned Marketing Promotes Better Creativity. Whenever you’re planning a marketing message or you’re planning around a particular season, you can invite a team of staff, parents, or family members to help you flush out ideas that will cause a greater result in your business. Most of the time, when people are involved in a planning process, they like to see the plans all the way out to the end, to be a part of the final results. Planning ahead of time helps you to gather people to help you create a better marketing plan, and it really promotes better creativity. 

Reason #2 More Research Time. So many times we create marketing materials without ever researching the client, client base, target market, where to find them, how you’re going to find them, and what you’re going to use to attract them. It’s so important that you go through my additional 10 steps that are provided in my Jumpstart Business Booster so that you can do the research and have the right materials. 

Reason #3 It Gives You More Time To Create, Edit, and Order Your Marketing Materials. I learned from experience not to rush my marketing materials because I always come up with something new, something unique, and something that should be planned out. If I’ve ordered them in advance without going through the process of planning them out to make it run on a system, you’ll always end up losing money in the end. Having time to work with your designers, to find the right designer, to make sure that you are editing the design work, and also, to make sure that you order from the right company. Proper preparation this way will cause you to have better results versus on the spot marketing.

Most on the spot marketing that is done without having time to create, there’s always usually a misspelled word somewhere. The dates are wrong. The address is missing, or some important piece to your marketing component always comes up short because you are spot marketing. You’re rushing, and you’re marketing on the go.


Reason # 4  Greater Monetary Impact and Gains. Whenever you are marketing based on a system and you create the additional 10 steps in your marketing system, more people will find out about your childcare program. More people are interested in doing business with you. You cover more ground. You’re more creative. You think of other ways to get the word out about your childcare business.

It’s so important that you take time to plan because planning your marketing versus on the spot marketing leads to greater monetary gain and impact. I believe that if you are a childcare business owner and you’re ready to accomplish so much more in your business, my All-in-One tool that includes my personal marketing calendar that I’ve used to go from 0-90 children in 90 days or less, to maintaining my enrollment, to think of inspiring ideas to take my business to the next level. You definitely want to purchase the Jumpstart Business Booster.


It is a phenomenal plan that I’ve created to help you get more done in your business, think outside of the box, stay creative, and market your business on a system. It’s easy. It’s written out, and it’s already done for you. To get the Jumpstart Business Booster, Click Here.

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