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Hire faithful over hype.

Are you looking to have a faithful team?

If yes, keep reading.

When I opened up Akeba Academy, my right-hand help came to Akeba to help me. Her name was Ms. Roundtree. She was very faithful and I have been training her to help me run my office.

Once I got the school open I realized it was way bigger than my family home.

So she felt lost when she got there because I didn’t keep my word and not explain to her that I chose someone else to help me run the facility because they had more experience than her.
WRONG MOVE. Never promise someone a position and not follow thru.

Pay close attention to resumes, applications, and dates of employment, even their moving from state to state.

See hindsight is my teacher, I hired my nanny to be the office help instead. The nanny that I decided to help me run the facility had childcare experience and loads of talent but I should have

kept with my plan. Why? She ended up leavening the facility in less than 90 days.

I know Ms. Roundtree could have smacked me or wave her finger that says I TOLD YOU SO! Yep, her leaving was a smack right in my face because the woman who was with me for years should have been on board so I could train her more with the bigger facility instead of the women with more experience, background, and promises.

I should have stuck with someone faithful and groom them more.

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