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Meet Andrea!

Your Success Coach.

A Successful Childcare Business Owner and Master Acceleration Coach that's helping hundreds of Childcare business owners, just like you, take their businesses to the next level and beyond!

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A Successful Childcare Business Owner & Coach

You can say that Andrea Dickerson is ALL THINGS CHILDCARE!

From opening and operating a licensed center with a capacity of over 100 children to starting over as a family home childcare and putting in the work to gain 6 new clients.

Andrea Dickerson is founder and CEO of IOWNADAYCARE.COM. As founder of IOWNADAYCARE.com, Andrea is committed to empowering and equipping childcare business owners with proven management solutions to systemize, organize and maximize their childcare business and their life.


Andrea specializes in showing you how to turn your childcare business around, get on the right path towards dream fulfillment and build the childcare business of your dreams by setting up the right systems for childcare success that helps you increase your enrollment, hire the right staff, organize you business, and develop your own proprietary systems in place. As an award winning childcare CEO an Entrepreneur, Andrea has been recognized as Best Childcare of the year, and an recognized expert and quoted authority on systemizing, and services have been featured on early childhood platforms, National Association of Early Learning Leaders, National Association For Family Child Care, Florida Family Childcare Home Association, Special E Connection and LRP!   Andrea’s work has also been published in magazines including, Character Magazine and Trade Journal Professional Connections.

Andrea has created several success tools to help empower you to go and grow to the next level and to keep going to reach your highest potential.

These PRODUCTS include, Design you Life Around The Childcare Business You Love Coaching Program that shows childcare entrepreneurs exactly how to gain the business skills necessary for business leadership and business management to achieve significant results in their business and their life by applying only 60 minutes of their time every two weeks.

She has authored 3 books: How I Did It! Daycare Success, The Potty Helper, and Build it Big, Build it Better.  Andrea is also founder of the Build It Big Childcare Entrepreneur’s Conference, which has attracted serious owners and their directors/assistants who are ready to go to the next level.  Andrea has designed innovative tools for the entrepreneur in you! Andrea has a no excuse approach to making it happen in business. She will empower you to take action and responsibility for results you want to achieve in life.  For a glimpse of her expertise, request her FREE coaching program, Childcare Made Easy.

She is also known as the Queen of Big Thinking because she helps you identify you life’s goals and add all of who you are into your childcare business. Andrea has a unique ability to help you visualize a bigger, better business.  After spending a short time with Andrea you will be motivated to explore your creative side and embrace the idea of greater possibilities for your business and visualize a more fulfilled and happier life.

Andrea captivates audiences with her candid stories and highly motivating history as a childcare business owner. Her journey will inspire diverse audiences of all type of child care business.  She is a dream – driver cheering you on to achieve your dreams against all odds. Recognized for her work, Andrea has been documented as a world changer and leader for many.

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