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Hosting Live Events To Increase Your Enrollment

“Hosting Live Events In Any Business Will Bring Increase Immediately “

I created a video titled : “Keeping Your Enrollment Building By Hosting Live Events” In this video I talk about how I have used live events to increase my enrollment dramatically and expeditiously! And I did this all while having fun and perfecting my presentation.

Hosting a live event provides you with the opportunity  to learn how to service your customers better by building a rapport and by listening to your potential parent describe what they want from a childcare provider.

When you learn “How To” ask questions and “What To” ask, you gain a clearer picture of what services you need to provide in your childcare program so that PEOPLE WILL BUY!

I have also learned that success breeds success… create an experience for your clients that will leave them wanting MORE!

I remember I shared one of my live events with you guys back in December. The live event was hosted by a non-profit organization and I asked if my child care business Akeba Academy could provide fun activities for the children. I was given full permission to do so and I bought hula hoops, jump ropes, kick balls and so much more! My husband and I got out there with those children and we had a blast.

The parents noticed how much fun the children were having until they began asking us questions..and that was my opportunity to begin to flow but I would listened for what they wanted in a childcare program. Then I replied with the answer to their questions and learned how to structure my program to meet the needs for what people would buy.

Within 30 days I gained that client and I prosper each month by having 2 additional children in my program that I would not have had unless I went to where the people were. Live events will boost your enrollment WATCH THE VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE!

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