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How Following up with your Current Clients Is just as Important As Marketing For New Clients

Following up with you current clients is just as important as with your potential clients. For so long, I’ve been teaching childcare business owners to care more about the power of serving their current clients and how under-served they are. Have you ever noticed that once a client enrolls into your business, they never get any more discounts? There’s nothing done to celebrate them. There’s no reward for being your customer. All they get are the daily hellos, good-byes, and what your child did today.

I found that most companies don’t seem to value their existing customers anywhere as much as they do their new customers. It’s been statistically shown that 30% of companies say that they are very committed to relationship marketing; 46% say they are committed to a certain extent; and 22% say that they don’t do any relationship marketing. I want you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you’re committed to building the relationship with your current clients just as you are with building the relationship with potential clients. If you are not, then this would be a great blog post for you to read today.

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Parent Review Guides Packs Of 30

It’s going to be kind of lengthy because I want to tell you about the time when my son attended a preschool program in my area. I didn’t have my own business at the time, and I needed for my child to go to a preschool program. I heard about this private preschool program that was led by an awesome educator. All the kids that attended the program were doing so well. They were all so successful. I took my son to the school because my father said that he would help me with the tuition. My son may’ve attended the program for maybe two weeks and on the third week, my dad said, “I’m not doing it anymore. I’m not paying for his tuition anymore.” Without thinking, I took my son out.

As I was preparing this blog post, my mind went back to that day of why I took my son out. I thought to myself, “Why didn’t the director ever try to talk to me about my concerns? Why didn’t I talk to the director about my concerns? What made it so easy for me to withdraw and not even give a two weeks’ notice or to receive a phone call from the school inquiring about where I am or where my son was?” I thought this would be a great blog post to write for childcare business owners because not only will you have new clients that come in and you don’t follow up, but I’m pretty sure you’ve done business with someone that never followed up with you.

Quarterly I lay out my guides to capture information

Quarterly I lay out my guides to capture information

One thing I know for sure is that it’s 70% cheaper to retain your current clients than it is to acquire a new one. You have a 49% greater return on your investment when you invest in relationship marketing over time versus marketing to acquire a new client. Because of that scenario, I created the Parent Review Guides. I wanted to have a way to follow up with my clients personally, call and talk to them, find out more about what they like, and let them know about my open door policy, that they can talk to me whenever there’s a financial concern or issue to let them know I’m there to build a unit with them and be on their team to help them and their children succeed.

Coach Dickerson Using Her Parent Review Guides

Coach Dickerson Using Her Parent Review Guides

My Parent Review Guides are used throughout my business every single day. I have a system in place so that when my staff follow my system, it normally works through to a tee. It keeps clients with our business over time. If you’re committed to seeing the relationships take place in your business, then it begins the moment you have an interaction with that person, whether it’s by phone, by tour, even by email. Capturing information, finding out more about your client, and building the relationship from the beginning is what will prevent your business from having so much overhead in acquiring new clients.

I provide my review guides on a clip board for clients to complete.

I provide my review guides on a clip board for clients to complete.

Wouldn’t you just love to have clients with you for years, and years, and years and save some of those marketing dollars? You can accomplish that when you start focusing in on creating your anchor products. What are anchor products? They are what we call Parent Review Guides. It’s what we use to help anchor our clients into our business and keep them happy. A happy client will cause your client base to be 10 times stronger. If you want a 10 times stronger client base, more active parents, more involved parents, then you want to begin relationship marketing.

Using the Parent Review Guides, you get the information about your clients, information about their choices when choosing your business, and information about where they work, what they enjoy, and just that ideal client profile that every childcare business owner must pay attention to in order to be successful. Now that you have your ideal client profile, now that you’ve asked the right questions, when you receive those Parent Review Guides, it helps you take the right action in communicating and building a relationship with that client. I believe that the Parent Review Guides are one of the best products I’ve made to help me ensure that I am building a relationship over time with my clients to help me keep more money in my childcare business. To Get your full set of the JUMBO pack of 30 Parent Review Guide cards, click here! 

The best way to keep in touch with current and new clients

The best way to keep in touch with current and new clients

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