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How to have good success

Do you need help finding some direction and clarity to help you better manage your life and your business? Are you struggling with ways to stay on task in your business? Are you lost as to where to begin with your day? Are you looking for a rhythm for keeping on top of tasks in your childcare business? Are you ready to keep up with the routine, get more focus, and have a consistent flow in your day-to-day activities? In today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about how to get on the right track to solving those things.


I know that whenever you are trying to accomplish something new, you need a blueprint to follow. I can look back at those who have been successful in life. They all were successful because of following some type of blueprint.

Today, I’m going to give you my blueprint for helping you accomplish your task throughout your day, stay on task in your business, and just have an overall more peace clarity about your day.

Most people aren’t organized because there is no natural rhythm and flow to how they run their lives. Whatever you do in your life will overflow into your business. If you have a routine for your life, it will flow over into your business.


How to have good success

Here’s the secret: Your routine will flow from proper preparation. You begin to properly prepare for your day by following these steps.

  • #1 Create a nightly routine. Your nightly routine is a result of you thinking about what you’ve completed that day, what areas you can make a change in for the next day, and also any tasks or ideas that came to your mind throughout the day.
  • #2 Have a bedtime. I know I am not the best when it comes to having a bedtime, but boy let me tell you the difference my day has when I do follow this routine. Having a time to go to bed at night allows me to rise up early in the morning in great expectation. I’m expecting to get things done and to get things accomplished because my brain has gone to bed at peace knowing that everything is written on a list or ready for execution.
  • #3 Preparing for the next day. Ask yourself, How can you prepare your staff to help you succeed in our business the next day? Many of you aren’t giving your team members enough responsibility, or the wisdom to know how to manage when that they are responsible for a lot. Your nightly routine will help you prepare your team for what is to come.
  • #4 Your nightly routine will operate as a checklist for you. How many of you go to bed feeling as if nothing was accomplished, but know that you were busy all day? Your nightly routine will help you create a checklist for the things that you have accomplished that day, what you’ve learned, and the success that you have gained within that day. Your nightly routine will also give you a chance to create a list of activities that you want to do the next day.

It is so encouraging to wake up, no matter what happens, with a bounce-back attitude. You know that you have a lot to look forward to for your next day. This is important to your self-esteem, living a guilt-free life, and feeling confident that you are on top tasks the way you should be.


  • #5, In your routine you need to have a time block schedule and a list of productive tasks for you to complete. Whenever you utilize the time block schedule, it helps you to know when you need to have certain things done throughout the day. It’s one thing to have a list of things to do, but the accountability is on a different level when you have your time allotted to particular tasks to get done within that time frame. You are now holding yourself accountable for how you manage your time.


  • #6 Which is game changing, is productivity lists. I’ve created a list of tasks that childcare business owners need to know regarding where to start each day of the week, what tasks to compile in one day’s worth of work, areas that you can check off and delegate to other team members. By having a productivity list, it empowers you to know where to start your day. It empowers you to know how to give your team more direction and communicating with them which direction you’re headed in. It gives you a way to organize your day.

It empowers you to do proper planning and sticking to it. It helps you to keep a routine. It helps you to have a beginning track to creating your constant flow in your day. It helps you to find time for the things you love the most. Maybe it’s creativity, freedom, etcetera.



How to have good success

I know that if you use these components that we’ve discussed, mainly including a night routine and a productivity checklist, you’ll find yourself on track. I want to introduce you to my Jumpstart Your Day productivity packages. In my packages, I provide you with training videos to help you master your day, master your thinking, master your discipline, and also follow a path that will lead you to good success. I believe just like I’ve read in my Bible, that if you meditate on what you’re doing during the day and at night, that you will find yourself having good success.

This path and journey that I’ve gone down allowed me to get organized where I could manage my home, my personal life, my business, my nanny agency, multiple childcare sites, a team of 25 individuals, and two ministries. By me being able to keep myself on task or have some type of rhythm for my life and day it caused me to be able to get more done. If you’re seeking ways to gain clarity, get more done, obtain more freedom, and experience more abundance, then seize this opportunity to get our Jumpstart Your Day package deal right now, by clicking here.


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