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How to Heal After You’ve Been Hurt In Your Childcare Business

Being Hurt Emotionally In Your Childcare Business Can Effect Your Profits

Being Hurt Emotionally In Your Childcare Business Can Effect Your Profits

I know exactly what it’s like to own and operate a childcare business that you’ve fought so hard for and then someone or something comes along and hurts you or your business and now you’re  stuck trying to figure out why did this happen to you and  how to overcome it?

In this industry there’s a big issue with hiring people who cause you pain, having a love one who doesn’t see your vision and you feel all alone,  and working with parents who don’t value your services by either not adhering to your polices or leaving your establishment and owing you money.

All of these concerns can cause you pain as the business owner and ultimately effect your profits.

You can not let these issues hold you back or down.

You’re not going to close your business down because people hurt you, are you?

Therefore you’ve got to learn how to bounce back quickly and put plans in place to help you overcome and avoid it.

You’ve got to set up plans and systems to help you overcome these challenges.  Now I have been there and the root of it all is lack of attention on my/your behalf.  Your business is your responsibility. Several issues come up because of your lack of attention in your childcare business. Don’t stop reading…keep going because this will help you.

Mainly these issues come of because of your lack of training in the area of leadership, business administration, conflict resolution with parents, conflict resolutions with staff and love ones. So here’s a few of my tips to help you solve a few of your challenges.

1. Don’t Dwell On Why You Or Why This Is Happening- Instead, acknowledge that something has gone wrong and deal with yourself and the issue.

Ask yourself how can I bounce back from this? How can I end this situation?  What systems can I set-up in my business to avoid this from happening again.

Asking yourself the right questions will lead you to your answers quicker than dwelling in the pain of it all. Clear your mind and focus on the positives of what you really want to happen.

2. Get some more wisdom- When you know better, you’ve got to do better. That takes putting in  “THE WORK” Are you reading information that leads you to answers for your questions?  Reading is succeeding!  Without reading new information that causes you to rely on what you already know instead of new information that will bring about a change!

Read books about conflict resolutions. Sometimes knowing what to say and how to say it will ease the edge and help you feel free all at the same time. You will then know how to protect your vision and business but still be careful as to how to speak and talk with others about your concerns.

Learn more about hiring and retaining the right childcare staff. – Understand this, most staff that you hire are people with less than what you have, and trust me, they want what you got. You’ve got to build a business that is built around your vision and not the people. Especially if you are trusting your business to someone and you rarely visit that site.  Your parents must know who you are and that you’re the reason why this business is operated so well. There’s a few ways of achieving that, one is to have quarterly meetings and a great follow up system.

3. Get A Change Of Pace- Connect with me or any childcare coach for that matter. Making a connection to someone who can help you get to where you want to be is priceless! You need an expert that can provide you with opportunities  to bounce ideas, ask questions, gleam from, and keep you on the right track.

I know that you may have never heard of me or the concept of connecting with a coach therefore, yearly I host the most affordable way to connect with me and that’s by attending a one day HIGH level content experience LIVE and in person. You can learn a lot about a person when you are in-person instead of over the phone or through a blog.

This year I have 3 tour stops that you can attend. Now if you show up you’re guaranteed to walk away with new information to help you succeed not only that but a hug and a word of encouragement from me to help you continue to BUILD A PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE Business!  Find out more about meeting me live on tour by clicking here!

People Traveled From Around The World To Meet Andrea

People Traveled From Around The World To Meet Andrea

I admonish you to put the tips to work within your business this week!  Don’t wait. Do the Work and The Work Will Take Care Of You! Trust Me

Much Love!

Until Next Week, WORK IT!

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