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How women win even during a pandemic

Hey, you guys, this is coach Andrea, and welcome to today’s blog post. I’ve got a question for you.

Are you at a place where you’re trying to figure out how to keep your business afloat? how to stay ahead, and how to keep winning, even during a pandemic?

If so, today’s training is going to empower you to continue to succeed?

Even during a pandemic quiet as kept, there are loads of women that are winning during this pandemic season. A lot of women are saying pandemic who? And although it’s very cliche, it is because they are experiencing more wins in their life than they have ever had before.

And here’s the aha moment.

These women are in childcare just like you, these women are in business just like you. These women have real stories, they’re real people, and they have staff just like you. So how is it that these women are saying pandemic who, pandemic what in times when you may not feel as if you are sure about your next step.

Winning Women Have Goals

I have been encouraging women, time and time again, about changing their circles, getting around get it girls, and having success in their life and in their business, through the art of being connected to a mentorship program. Now the mentorship program that we are a part of is Jumpstart Bosses of America.

And honestly, every single month, I’m hearing  from these women who are making major wins in their business and in their life that’s causing them to think differently, achieve differently, and win differently during a pandemic. It’s not always what you know, but it is what you learned that causes the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

Winning Women Are Grateful

I believe that women ought to always win in their life. By being able to clearly measure wins. Measuring wins in your life comes from the root of gratitude. When you are grateful and thankful for what you currently have, or where you are and keeping hope for where you want to be, or what you want to have, you begin to tap into a level of activation, motivation, and manifestation faster than any other person because you are at a place of true gratitude.

Three more steps on what women are doing to win during a pandemic.

1. Women are evolving into their next level. If you are not pivoting from your passion for childcare, reviewing your skills, and determining other streams of income, then you are limiting your capability of winning in this season. Right now women are taking their childcare skills and starting nanny agencies.

They are taking their childcare skill and utilizing them for online virtual programs. Women are taking their childcare skills and becoming an expert online and helping other women to start their own childcare business. With all of these different avenues to pivot and prosper from your passion, you can no longer treat your business as normal. This is a time and season to get up, get going, and pivot, which means to take what you have and apply it to other different areas of business so that you can prosper.

2. Women are now bonding with other women in the Jump Start Bosses of America Program. I just heard from one of our clients who stated that before Jump Start Bosses of America, she had been in relationships with women that scarred her due to the way it was handled. And now that she’s a part of Jumpstart Bosses of America, she realizes that there are women who will genuinely support you, inform you and be happy for you.

Although this type of sisterhood is rare, it is the core of who we are at Jump Start Bosses of America. We are supporters and congratulators and most of all, we provide mentorship to encourage you to get back on track and keep winning in your business.

If you are not a part of JumpStart Bosses of America, today is your day to become a part of what we’re doing. Because this is essential for you to prosper and win even during a pandemic.

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3. Women are winning during a pandemic because they are focused and steadfast. I remember when the pandemic began to take a personal impact on my life with the loss of my father.

With the exposure to COVID, with my husband being in the hospital, with my sister being in the hospital, I realized that there were so many triggers around me to go down that I had to keep my focus by pulling out my vision board by pulling up out my dream board by pulling out my coach material and renewing my mind staying focus.

Now for some women, staying focused is hard to do. But this is why you need a daily routine, a daily habit to keep you checking off the things that you have done to remain in stay focus. With you having these daily habits and daily attributes of a systematic way to ruin your day.

This is the easiest way for you to keep the focus is not hard to win.

Winning is a mindset.

Winning is a choice.

Winning is the action that you take towards your goals and dreams. 

I know that women need sisterhood, accountability, mentorship information. And if you are going to win, then get what you need. And we have included that in the Jump Start Bosses of America program.

This program includes mentorship, 24/7 access to a business building lesson, which is our home study program that you can learn from my coaching. Anytime you can log and get the accountability you need. And this included with Jump Start Bosses of America because we provide you with accountability, which means you set 10 goals a month and you have to come to the table ready to express your team goals.

I believe that moments like this are what will cause you to tap into levels of income pivoting from your passion and more because you’ll be exposed to it. So right now join us in our Jump Start Bosses of America Program while spaces are available, click here.

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