From Family Provider To Multi-Center Owner! Read Andrea’s Story as she tells you detail by detail, how she started with little to no money to open her childcare business.

HowIDitItEbookOrderImageThis book also provides A Must Have Step By Step Process To A Successful Childcare Business Plus Audio including:

  • 24 Must Have Traits and Mindset Of A Childcare Business Owner
  • 3 How To Steps To Choosing A Location165050309
  • 9 Must Have Pre-Arranged Items That Every Successful Childcare Center Must Have
  • 4 Step Business To Business Marketing Must Have’s
  • 16 Step New Hire Formula For Staff Organization
  • The #1 Importance of curriculum outlines
  • 9 Process That Every Childcare Business Owner Must Put On Automation
  • 24 Office Organization Owner Responsibilities
  • 14 Task that require delegating to free you up to focus on enrollment

I’ve Finally Compiled A Collection Of My Most Personal Childcare Advice Into One Volume.

This e-book contains everything I always wished I knew but had to learn along the way. Now, I’ve made it all available to you! With this e-book, whether you’ve been wanting your dream family center or your dream group center or your dream childcare center…You Can FINALLY Have It All! In this book, I’m giving you the same exact strategies that I used to achieve extraordinary success!




Andrea Dickerson has been in the childcare industry for more than 10 years, working her way up from provider to a Successful Business Owner.

A Certified Program Administrator and Certified Child Development Specialist, Mrs. Dickerson knows firsthand the challenges childcare owners face and has developed comprehensive training materials to provide solutions to:

  • New Start-up Business Owners (Commercial and Private Home) 995277_665449200139001_183448657_n
  • Childcare Directors and Managers
  • Organizations experiencing high, investments, turnover and low ROI
  • Aspiring Childcare Business Owners

Operating under the highest level of quality and industry best practices Andrea’s childcare business has experienced record turnaround results with increased enrollment and retention. I Own A Daycare consistently delivers superior childcare services to parents and guardians; consultation to childcare business owners and directors all while maintaining a dedicated staff of qualified providers.

Mrs. Dickerson has developed a variety of power-packed Live Speaking Events, Video Home Study Programs, Virtual Training Workshops, E-books, Audio files, Blogs/Articles and Newsletters. Inspiring, equipping, coaching and imparting her wisdom and skills are the heart-beat of this dynamic entrepreneur’s gift to each aspiring business owner.

Every aspiring business owner will benefit from her professional coaching skills. Each participant will receive the tools and solutions needed to improve the way they conduct business.  You will be motivated to begin your journey to becoming a successful business owner today.

Are You Ready To Believe That Against All Odds You Can Start, Open,GROW and Organize, Your Very Own Childcare Business?

Learn How To Organize And Grow Your Childcare Business!

Learn How Andrea Dickerson Got Started!