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Improve Your Marketing Message

Improve Your Marketing Message

If you are new in the childcare industry I know exactly how you feel about being unsure of how to create a message that will pique the interest of your customers that is authentic and clear. I know because just like you, I’m building a brand based on a message too. Let me tell you about my truth…..I started working in the childcare industry well over 8 years ago and I fell in love with it!  I have made mistakes which cost me thousands of dollars.  My first time in childcare was a slow process.  It took me 12 months to reach and enroll 60 children for my center that was licensed for over 200 children.

Fast forward a bit and my story has a happy place.  I finally learned the components of what makes a successful daycare.  When I opened my second location my enrollment grew from 3 to 95 children in three months.  Wow!  What a difference between the two centers.  Well fast forward again and now I am here creating an online network that will inspire you and provide you with the practical training that any childcare business owner could gleam from to have solid success.

If you have been in the childcare business for some time and you have clients but you just can’t seem to manage it all, I understand that too.  As an eBook author I was filled with so much to write on paper that I have spent long nights and never-ending days of writing eBooks that I wish were available to me at the time I  received my business license and my business began to grow.  Although my eBooks sell every day, the success that I seek for my online writings was missing an important element… an editor! By the way, several of you have helped me become aware of some of the mistakes and errors and for that I am grateful.

Proven facts you can learn.

Although I’m not perfect I stepped out on faith and I believe. For those of you who are reading this e-zine, I can say that 85% of you were destined by grace to work with children and as time went on you began to grow in your calling.  Some of you are seeking ways to expand, grow from a family to a center; and some of you are looking for ways to operate more than one location.  Whatever your story just take a look at my story; take note of how faith can move mountains and open up doors of opportunity for you.  Although you may not have every piece of the puzzle in place, step out of your comfort zone and pursue your passion.

I can remember being frustrated because I knew I was purposed to work in the childcare industry but I had no money.  But I never would let the lack of money stop me; I worked toward  business ownership every day with much passion and relentless efforts.  Every day I thought about it.  I would visit other childcare locations,  write the vision, create policy, shop at the dollar store when I could.   I made major sacrifices; instead of buying the hottest item, I would invest in my dreams.  I  visited Lowes and Home Depot for color swatches; just anything I could do to help me to create the childcare business of my dreams.

Now although I have started working with other childcare business owners to achieve the same success that I have, my Faith journey is still being tested.  It is my desire to have a successful online childcare business.  To do that, I must continue learning, investing in my online business and seek to surround myself with like-minded people who are willing and able to help me improve. The same advice I teach is the same advice that I live by!

I sometimes question myself about my online business; these are the questions that I ask myself:

How can I teach someone anything about childcare marketing when I need to improve my message?   The answer that still reigns true in my heart is that my online business is completely different from my childcare center. I have proof of the success that any childcare business owner wants for their childcare endeavors and  I understand  now more than ever before what parents want.  Experience can teach what textbooks cannot.

Should I stop sending newsletters just because I have made the past mistakes in writing them?  My heart says no!  Follow your dreams, work hard to improve and trust that your better days are ahead of you!

Without fail, I can show you how to have a successful childcare business.

I have developed two classes to help you finish the year 2012 in a strong way.  The first one is titled, Improve Your Marketing Message and the second one is Childcare Purpose Planning For 2013! 

Join me  to create your own blueprint for goal setting!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Let’s improve our marketing message!

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