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Inner City Enrollment Building Strategy

Hello, Childcare Boss!

Do you own and operate a childcare facility within the inner city of your area? Do you find that you’re ready to attract more clients that will value your childcare business? If so, today’s training is going to help you achieve that!

Just recently I hired a few new staff members and I began training them on using my lead capture formula and my followup system.  My childcare program is located in the middle of town which is just about one block right before the inner city limits begin. With such a versatile location I began to see that all types of clients would stop by and  inquire about our childcare services. What do I mean by all types? I mean the professionals, working moms, stay at home moms, title 1 eligible moms and more! There’s no difference in moms being a mom but there is a difference in what each moms values as important to their children. One thing that I can honestly say about my childcare program is that I have a great mix!


Due to the mix in parent values, that meant everyone didn’t comply with our standard for excellence and I knew I needed to find out why. Finding out why was my key to greater success. The first plan of action I instituted was to find out why parents would choose my childcare program. After having this ah-ha moment to find out their why, it gave me a clearer perspective of what parents really wanted my childcare program to offer their child and it was a very important key to me discovering how to change my childcare program for the better.

Using the Guides In My Childcare Program

I began my journey over two years ago with implementing the Parent Review Guides. These Guides are powerful tools that assist childcare business owners in capturing the right information to help you achieve the following success:

  1. Your parent information. This was very helpful because I had information that allowed me to be very personable with my potential client.
  2. Tracking Data. Having  data to compile helped me to determine what’s working for my marketing strategy the most.
  3. Formulate Marketing Packages. When you can compare data that allows you to track who, what, where and how it allows you to position yourself in the market with clients that operate as a unit, which therefore will draw in more like minded individuals.

Watch today’s video and see how powerful they are for a serious business minded professional childcare owner!

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