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JumpStart Business Boosters- Secret Sauce To Hiring Floaters To Boost Your Productivity

Andrea’s Secret Sauce Online Course To Living Life and Managing The Childcare Business You Love!

This week I slightly promoted my online mentoring program, Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love, It’s a 12 lesson program that shows you how to get become a leader of your childcare business, a planner of your day and most of all how to have greater success in your LIFE! The regular rate is $1997 however I prayed about it two weeks ago and I felt good about opening up the portal for only $197. I wanted to help so many childcare owners think differently about their role as a CEO. The course is still open and ready for you to join us now click here. 

Furthermore, Childcare can be so demanding and needy, until  it can take over your life and try to prevent you from living life to the fullest.

Childcare is a gift that carries a heavy burden but it isn’t supposed to cause you misery.

This course will teach you how to lead yourself  and how to respond to the challenges.

Have you ever noticed that Childcare Is Made Up Of 10% of Challenges and 90% Of Systems For Proper Preparation In An Emergency Response?

Yes! How you properly prepare your staffing model is key to you living your life and managing a successful childcare business.

The KEY to hiring Floaters to boost your productivity happens by looking ahead and planning your floaters for times when you’re out and especially if staff call out. This staffing process is called DESIGN for a reason!

Let me explain…..so this week I read where a client wanted a day off to get things done but…as life would have it,  staff member called out. That caused her to need to go to her center and work. Next, I read where a client was facing the need to hire for a part timer for her childcare program but her candidates didn’t want part time work and her budget don’t allow for full time person, so what should they do? 

Here’s my solutions:

Each person that you hire as a floater must be skilled and flexible to handle different type assignments. For example your first task is to train them to work every classroom, the kitchen and the transportation department PLUS  office work. So here’s the design side. Don’t schedule anything for yourself during this training period. Once this person is trained they can now relieve you and others.

How do you save money on payroll?

Each teacher (except for your faithful ones)  will need to share 1-2 hours per week of their time to compensate for the floater working in their place. Hours vary from opening to closing, If you have part time hours such as 20-30 hours. Adding those extra 10 hours can help that floater person work up-to 40 hours per week. Some staff may fuss and complain but don’t forget..you’re designing your life around the childcare business you love!

Next Hire Plan B Staff:

Plan B staff are hired for rotating teachers for breaks and bus runs and after school.  We call this SPLIT Shifts. I have found that the rotating staff are great fillers for when I get multiple call outs and mid day staff changes. Most people that enjoy Split Shifts are college students or moms that enjoy a few hours of work. PLUS I love working with women that are between ages 50-60 especially if they enjoy working and still got spunk!

Then once you’ve got enough people, your next step is to go into team building mode. That’s what my lesson talks about in the Design Your Life Course, it talks about Staffing and Staff Values.

Andrea Wearing Her team Work Shirt

Don’t Look At Floaters As A Relief For Teachers…No No No…A Floater’s Job Is To Relieve YOU! 

It’s time for you to seek to free yourself.

  1. Review Your Calendar
  2. Note Your Recurring Task
  3. Note Your Days You Desire Off
  4. Plan To Over Staff On Those Days You’re Busy and Don’t Need Any Distractions  (It will wash out) Remember it’s just a plan
  5. Now Start Panning What You Need Staff To Accomplish That Day
  6. Provide Them A Written Schedule For Clock In and Clock Outs PLUS breaks. How breaks are to go and what assignments must be completed that day.
  7. Finally Start Moving Staff Where You Need Them To Be
  8. Follow Up With Written Instructions

Work this process and keep testing and tweaking your system until it works for you!

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