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With Andrea as your coach, you absolutely can!

Together we can accomplish this by impacting more childcare owners and leaders through your experience of childcare success and your expertise!


When you’ve based out our childcare business and it’s gone as far as you want to take it but there’s still a feeling in you that there's more for you to do, COACHING other childcare owners to be a success is your phase!

Join the Jumpstart Pro Coaching Program. It’s the nation’s only program designed to become a Childcare Boss and Childcare Success Coach!

When you join the Ultimate Childcare Boss herself,

Andrea Dickerson, you will
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Andrea has proven that you can come from a small town and accomplish worldwide success! She's proven that you can accomplish the impossible and has set a trail that makes it so much easier for you to do the same!

Together you will get Andreas secrets to :

  • Identifying Your Childcare Gifts and Knowledge To Prepare For Branding
  • Building An Expert Brand
  • Creating Products, Books, and Coaching Programs
  • Website and Blogging Training To Position You As The Go-To Expert
  • Creating A Full Year Marketing Strategy
  • Setup Online Systems For Making Money While You Sleep
  • Becoming a speaker and travel from city to city with Andrea as your Jumpstart Pro Coach!

Meet your host & Childcare Boss, Andrea Dickerson

Andrea is the only coach of her kind! Funny, Full of Faith, and Fearless about childcare success!

She started from the bottom and took her passion from a small town called Brunswick, Georgia into the world! How did she do it?

With the same systems, she teaches along with her passion to see you win!

Why learn from Andrea?

Here’s the brand’s she’s built:

  • I own a daycare
  • my dream childcare life
  • Apple Glam
  • The Potty Helper
  • The Ultimate Childcare Boss Magazine
  • Akeba Academy
  • The Rock
  • and More

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1Identifying Your Childcare Gifts and Knowledge To Prepare For Branding

2Building An Expert Brand

3Creating Products, Books, and Coaching Programs

4Website and Blogging Training As The Go To Expert

5Creating A Full Year Marketing Strategy

6-Setup Online Systems For Making Money While You Sleep

7Planning and Hosting Live Event

Hear what other attendees had to say…

Ursula Joyner

Ursula Joyner

My business was one month old when I attended in Atlanta. We're not a traditional daycare but a niche that's cash pay only. We had a great opening but I needed an explosion of growth quickly and went to the conference looking for the magical answer. What I received were instructions to stop making excuses, stop waiting for someone else to do it for me and take charge of my business. The ideas started trickling in and then FLOODING my brain! More importantly, I'm implementing those ideas and they're working! I'm so grateful for the Atlanta tour stop.

Kimberely Kemp

Kimberely Kemp

I have to confess......this was my 3rd or 4th conference(With the Dickerson) I’ve attended with hopes of learning, growing, unifying all while I continue to grow, lead and believe in and for my childcare business success. Atlanta’s tour stop has changed the scope of my LIFE! My husband attended for the 1st time and I must say that I’m so grateful to God for anointing Andrea and Kamau with the passion to help regular folks just like myself to dominate the childcare industry! My husband was always a supporter but just not my BIGGEST SUPPORTER! After we left Atlanta, he now try’s to outwork me in our childcare business. This is ALL new for me to have him right there putting in 12hr shifts with me. This is only happening because of the layout and foundation that the Dickerson's shared with us and my husband was there LIVE! Thank you Coach Andrea/Kamau! Grateful

Tomika Robertson

Tomika Robertson from Owner of A Giant's Preschool LLC

Ladies Dive In... don't be afraid to invest in yourself and connect with other like-minded individuals. When I first went to a #Iownadaycareconference I had NO IDEA how to run my business. No lie... I could teach and care for the children blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back but conducting business, closing the deal, tracking payments, hiring staff AND TRAINING and leading them that was the stuff that kept me up at night. But Andrea Dickerson helped me get all of that together. I invested in her live events and her products on a Family Child Care Budget (hello somebody) but the outcome of that is my business is flourishing I have 2 staff members on my team that help me grow and shape my program into what I want it to be DAILY and I am growing other business ventures at the same time. I am hosting events and booking futre events that are not childcare related. So i got my whole business life together and im still a work in progress. I have met some amazing ladies that 2/3 years later we are still encouraging one another and holding each other accountable for what we do or don't do. This is how the I Own A Daycare corporation has helped me. So don't second guess dive in and see whay you can get accomplished with the help of a inspirational, Childcare Boss who lives and breathes Business AND Childcare at the same d*%n time 😄 Love U Coach thank you for your courage to step out which has caused so many others to step out as well

JumpStart Your Childcare Coaching Business

With My 8 Week Coaching Platform

Boost Your Business, Your Faith,
Your Ideas And Profits In 8 Weeks