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JumpStart Your Morning Like A Childcare Boss

Do you ever struggle with starting your mornings off right? Have you ever thought that your morning activities may be a direct connection to your childcare success?

My Vision Board ToJumpstart My Business Day

In today’s blog I want to help you think about how to JUMPSTART your business morning like a childcare boss.  Your morning mental activities that you do or learn to do are the key to you feeling great and staying excited about your childcare success.

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Just a few weeks ago I hosted my first tour stop in Miami Florida called Jumpstart My Childcare Success! While I was there, I asked childcare business owners do describe their morning routines. During the Q&A so many of them never mentioned any thing about setting up their morning to be a great success! Several confessions during this time showed us that many childcare business owners don’t have a true morning routine to help prosper their childcare business. I heard a few mentioned that before they leave out their home to go into their childcare business that they would pray, make up their bed, get their children ready and that they get up and go!  Which all of these steps are necessary, but to gain greater success one must do more intentional work for building up their mental mindset,  business routine, and  success attraction.

Jumpstarting Your Business Morning Like A Childcare Boss consist of the following flow:

  1. Wake up 1-2 hours before it’s time to be any where. For me that means I’m up between the hours of 3:30am-5:30am. Getting up early like this all depends on my arrival time that I’m expected at my childcare business and it also depends on the season of business of I am in. Getting up early before my husband and son start moving arounds provides me with peace. Not only the peace of my environment is important but NOT rushing is such a game changer for me. Having time to think and write in the mornings before I get busy with my day is so important to me. I love taking my time without feeling like I am running behind or even late.

    Andrea Is Up And At It

  2. Spend Time In Prayer and Meditation. You never know when you’re going to need your spiritual connection and clarity with God to help you understand how to handle things that come at you throughout the day. This time of gratitude and thankfulness will help you feel connected to God and be lead more by him to lead you as you lead your business. Meditating on the success that you want to achieve in your business is much necessary especially when you’re working with children. These are my personal beliefs but even those who are not connected to God as their savior can find direction when they meditate.

    Andrea Up Early While It Is Quiet

  3. Exercise 15-30 Minutes. This is a game changer! Your business means nothing if you’re not healthy enough to execute your vision as the visionary. This morning time of exercise isn’t necessarily about you loosing weight but it’s about you gaining the energy you need to be productive in your day. I can also testify that this exercise make me feel good about doing something for my self !  Each day I perform my task and duties for my childcare business I realize that it is in service for someone else however when I start my morning like this it helps me gain back my life and makes me to know that I am important!
  4. Eat Your Breakfast Slowly. Most of us will eat when we get to the daycare and boy must you watch out for that! I gain over 40 pound in my career from nibbling on the foods that are around my daycare. However, when I have my coffee and fruit or some type of protein, it keeps me from snacking all day. Take time to enjoy your breakfast.

    Andrea’s Typical Morning Breakfast

  5. Listen or Read Books That Pushes You In The Direction Of Your Dreams- Success leaves clues. Most clues as to how individuals become successful is written in a book. The world’s great CEO’s all say that reading is their key to evolving into their epitome of success. That’s a clue! One must read to succeed! I put my experience inside of books for childcare business owners so that they can avoid my pitfalls and to be inspired. Inspirational reading causes transformation. My books are so relatable until you can achieve more when you can relate than when you don’t feel the writer and it’s just a bunch of blah blah blah words on a paper. The all new book, Build It Big Build It Better is motivational and inspirational to help you achieve a turn around in your childcare business.

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  6. Create A List of The TOP 5 Things To Accomplish That Day- Here’s the secret sauce to clarity and productivity. The key to accomplishing your day to day task is to know  your road map to accomplishing it. Your top 5 list is that road map. It will help you to stay focused and on top of things. There are times when childcare business owners ask me, how do I do it all? Well, here’s my morning routine that keeps me going.

Your life is made up of your simple habits. Your habits and thoughts are like snowball effects, once you get going with something so small and insignificant, it rolls and rolls until it’s a big as you allow it to become.

Start your morning off right so that it helps to achieve as much or as little as you need to for your business to become as big as you allow it.

Leave your comments below. Let me know what you think!

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