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List Your Success

I Own A Daycare Planning 2013

How-To Plan For Your Year Of Abundance! 

Wow!  The year 2014 is almost gone and everyone is buzzing with excitement for 2015.  I am among those who are excited about 2015.

Why?  Because I recently reviewed all of my successes obtained in 2014 and took an honest assessment of the activity implemented towards reaching my goals.  With a clear picture of what I accomplished in 2014, I know exactly where to focus my efforts in 2015.

Step 1 Picture All Your Dreams Coming True.

To get started picture what your childcare business will look like for 2014. Will you have re-organized your files, hired a new assistant or teacher, painted your outside, or updated your classroom furniture?  Maybe you are like me and you see your business with more clients; a clearer marketing message; successful business networking opportunities; and an increase in quantifiable success. What about business management? Will you revise your budget, expand your business and add other features to your program?  Whatever your desired projections for the end of 2013, this is where you begin  the goal-setting process for your business.

Step 2 List Your Success

Ok Now that you have a vision for what you want 2014 to bring into fruition for your childcare business; think through the process from the back end. What will you need to do to achieve your desired results? What will you need to do to add more clients into your childcare business? If you are going to hire a new teacher what will you do to find one? If you plan on revising your budget what will you choose to increase or decrease?

Step 3 Time line/measure your goals

One of the goal deflators is to set them without a systematic way to achieve them.  After you have made your list of goals the key is to set a pace, timeline or amount to measure whether or not you are on track to achieving your goals.

Step 4 Serious Success Means Serious Focus

Review your goals and create a “daily plan of action” each night so that by the end of the day you have an idea of exactly what you need to do the next day.

Step 5 Stay Motivated

Finally, anything in life that is worth having is worth fighting for. Sometimes you will face bumps and hurdles and a few NO’s along your journey.  This only means you are getting closer to your desired result.   My personal advice:

  • Listen to motivational speakers
  • Connect with purpose-driven people
  • Listen to music that will inspire and bring out the best in you

Step 6 Review your goals twice per day to ensure success.

Remember: Love The Childcare Business You Manage and Manage The Childcare Business You Love!

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