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Market Like A Childcare Boss

Hey you guys! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, and welcome to today’s blog post. In our blog post today, I want to talk to childcare business owners who are marketing their business but they are missing the foundational pieces that will help them see the results that they really want.

I know exactly what it is like to scourge the internet looking for content and information to clue you in on the information that you are missing. Then, when you find that information, you still leave with missing pieces. I also know what it is like when you are listening to so many different people telling you to do this and do that. This process can be depleting and frustrating! Today, I want to give you some strong foundations to help you get out of that place and into your marketing success.

Who Is Your Teacher?

The first foundation for creating a marketing breakthrough in your childcare business is to identify who is your teacher? When you are involved with several different voices, mindsets, opinions, and strategies that you are receiving every single day, it causes confusion. The confused mind shuts down and says NO. Then you unconsciously checkout of the thinking process and you go into becoming a copycat. You begin to copy other childcare program marketing strategies, business cards, flyers, and how they announce their program. You begin to become a copycat because essentially your mind and your thought process have checkout.

When you checkout, it causes you to lose your authenticity because you never have the time it takes to sit quietly. My first foundational truth for you is to select one teacher, one focus, and pursue that one focus.

Market Like A Childcare Boss

Foundational Marketing Systems

Your foundational marketing systems consist of website, logo, brand, product, service, mission, vision, and a full master calendar for your childcare business.

Once you get these eight pieces implemented on paper and written clearly, you are ready to build. You are ready to build because, in today’s virtual economy, the foundation of your marketing requires you to be online. You can tie your marketing website and strategy together to cause parents to go through a flow of making decisions with you.

Your marketing vision and mission are the desired results that you would like to have in the life of a parent, child, and community. Then, you need to create an attraction for your company through your business cards, flyers, banners, signage

You also need a marketing mindset, marketing principles, and marketing know-how. Without having these things, it will cause you to have a business card that has no strategy, a flyer that doesn’t create a sense of urgency, and a billboard that is cute but doesn’t catch the driver’s attention. This is a common error that is happening in the childcare industry because we love caring for children but marketing requires a different hat.

Why is it that you have 3 childcare locations but your marketing strategies are different at each location or you have none at all? Some of you have thrived successfully off of your tenure for being the first or being the one who lasted the longest. Some of you are thriving due to your marketing skills and techniques. Since you have started you haven’t taken any new classes or been apart of any new environment. What happens is your marketing becomes built off of word of mouth and you think that you are doing well but you’re not because you’re still thriving or succeeding on the days of old. When someone looks at your marketing material, like myself or another expert, we see that you have stopped growing in your marketing knowledge. You need marketing knowledge so that you can produce on a different level.

What do I mean by that?

Some of you only need 5-10 slots that need to be filled but they are not filled because you lack the marketing knowledge. Then, there are several of you who have a marketing team and because you have a marketing team, there are a few foundational systems that you need to have in place.

Number 1: You Must Have A Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is for you to be able to tell your team in a 30-60 day span of what results you want from their effects, what platforms you want to be on, and how you want to be talking to on those platforms.

Number 2: You Must Have A Marketing Desire

Your desire to learn marketing, know marketing, and lead your team is the number one way to creating 6 and 7 figure marketing plans that will help you reach your desired result, but without having the desire to do it, it is really hard to lead your team with consistency, vision, and goal acceleration.

Number 3: Improve Your Marketing Knowledge

As stated earlier, if you do not understand what marketing requires or what marketing needs to be completed on the behalf of your company, you will find yourself in a place where you cannot lead your team. Although we want your team to do the work, leadership requires direction. That is why it is so important for you to have marketing knowledge so that you can give direction.

Number 4: Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are individuals that know how to navigate your brand, your message, and position you in the market for great results. These people will need to know what you don’t know and what you do know in order to get you to the place you want to be in your marketing training.

Market Like A Childcare Boss

I encourage all childcare business owners to keep in their toolbox a marketing training expert in their life. I believe that my Market Like A Boss program will give childcare business owners the strategy, the know-how, and the information for them to lead a team, build a platform, create a marketing message, be found on the internet, and position your company for greatness.

Become apart of our 6-week childcare program of Market Like A Boss and discover all the missing keys that you need to know, have, and implement in your business for great success.

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