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Mistakes We Make In Hiring.

Need Help Avoiding Mistakes With Preschool Teachers?

If yes, keep reading. Please don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.

So I hired this fantastic teacher, Ms. Orr. At the time, I had a lack mentality, and because of my lack mentality, I did not follow through with what I said I was going to do with her. She agreed to start working with me at $10/hr, now this was about ten years ago, and with that agreement, I would increase her salary over time.

Something happened in my business where I didn’t have all the money to increase her salary. And here’s where we ALL GO WRONG!

Mistakes Like This WILL kill MORAL!

I didn’t sit down to talk about it with her. A simple and honest heart-to-heart conversation with her would have removed the unknown and helped. With me not doing that, when she had health issues it made her decision to leave much easier!

Mistake #2 I wasn’t clear in my offer, and I made promises I could not keep at the time.


She was an asset to my company. She had great chemistry with my assistant teachers. I lost out on a good teacher for my company.


But after Ms. Orr, I hired another teacher, but her chemistry was not the same in the classroom, she was good but not great. Ms.Orr was one of the best I ever had for my company because she was cheerful, outgoing, and had her certification as a teacher. So with that said, let me show you how not to go down the same dark road that I have gone through. The Good but not great teacher should have been fired! But…..


Mistake #3 Holding on to the wrong teacher during lean times only leads to BIGGER problems.


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