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Need A Director? Here’s My Advice On Admin Teams

Ready To Hire Your Next BEST Director? Or Are You Looking to Hire an Admin Team?

If yes, keep reading, to not make the same mistakes I’ve made.

In my last email, we talked about how I mismanaged my business and eventually I hired my potty training teacher, Ms. Pam. After I hired her I started working on my next move, a center director. I took action and I did a huge hiring Job fair, and everyone that I should have hired came.

BUT here’s the thing it was by chance and not by system.

Let me explain:

There was a preschool that had just closed down, and the staff from that preschool came, but I wasn’t thinking at all! And, I didn’t hire any of these WELL CAPABLE TEACHERS!

I WAS CRAZY and without guidance. I didn’t understand the technical back office to hire a qualified teacher. I lacked the confidence and the money confidence to hire as I should.

This was the biggest mistake because these women are were ready to work and had experience, but I didn’t hire them because I didn’t understand how to hire teachers with experience.

So while looking for teachers there was a Director in the midst of them. She was an older woman, with loads of program administrative experience. She was actually my administrator in my elementary school BUT I didn’t hire her either. I was CRAZY again.

See without the right hiring pitch, offer and confidence, you’ll make the same mistake too or you may HAVE made the mistakes already.

So that’s what I’m teaching in this Super Saturday training: How to find and hire your NEXT TEAM MEMBER.

Get ready to learn how to create a culture of dependable employees.

It all starts with knowing how!

Employees who are not dedicated to their jobs will not be that dependable. However, you can establish a culture and image of dependability. Let me show you how! There are tickets left and it happens in less than 3 weeks! Find Out More CLICK HERE

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