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Step One To Changing Your Childcare Business: Read Your Way To Success

Are you feeling unmotatived? Has years gone by and you’re still stuck doing the same thing day in and day out in your childcare business? Are you feeling loss as to how to move forward with accomplishing more in your Childcare Business? No problem here’s a proven strategy that shifted me, my life and my business!

When I first started out in childcare I had no clue of what I was doing! I totally relied on my (mother wit ) to get me started. As I have mentioned time and time again before, I had never worked in daycare or had any children of my own to know before hand what the experience would be like to work with children or lead others with a vision. I could only trust the words of faith I heard when I began praying. My very first year had loads of ups and downs. From marketing to enrollment I practically self taught myself everything by READING!

Andrea Dickerson age 21 in Her First Childcare Office

In today’s blog post lesson I am going to share with you a few rewards that happens to one’s life that leads them towards childcare success when you read! Truth be told, I wasn’t always a reader. I was a copy cat of those that I admired. When I started in childcare, I would copy flyers from other daycares and hoped that it would work for me but boy was I wrong!

I didn’t accomplish much doing business like that. I had no clue on how copying another person was hurting my business rather than causing increase. IF the flyer contained a new idea and I placed it on my flyer, I only made the parent think of the other childcare and not mine!  But reading taught me that originality is based on how you would position your brand rather than doing what everyone else is doing.

But with hinds sight, I don’t blame myself because I was operating with out knowledge.


When I first got my license, I did not have a requirement to attend any marketing or business classes nor was there an requirement to connect with a mentor, I just did the basics from my state and got licensed. Then that’s when everything settled: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GROW?  So I found several books online and boy did my wheels begin to turn!

I began to aspire to want to be successful and lead my company more successfully. I did not want to be known as a mom and pop business, I wanted to build a big successful childcare!

I found books that inspired me in business, leadership and mindset shifts. shown below is my favorite book list:

Books That Andrea Has Read

Andrea’s Desk Top Books

Andrea Found HER Black Excellence she was searching for in these materials


The books were written by some of the world’s greatest influences in my life.  I found them to be very helpful and full of impact! After searching and reading the hunger was still there and I often found myself asking this same question over and over again;





I needed to read material that gave me hope about the everyday challenges that I was facing in my childcare business. I needed materials to show me how to apply the self-help books that I had read into the everyday life and everyday success of the childcare industry! And to my surprise there were none!

So being a childcare boss, I wrote it!

Andrea Wrote Books To Inspire And Motivate Childcare Business Owners In Childcare From Her Experiences!

I have written several books that details how I got started in childcare, how to build a successful daycare, how to unlock your wealth in childcare, selling your business off of potty training, staffing and marketing.

Get Andrea’s New Book From Her Collection Titled, Build It Big, Build It Better


You become what you read or don’t read!


Now that the market is full of writers and it’s so easy to get a book written these days and times you can no longer make the excuses of I DID NOT KNOW.

Knowledge is power! And power that y0u use will change your life!


Reading will teach you principles that are sure to change your life. Here are a few:

#1 Read Materials That Push You Beyond Your Fears And Towards Your Goals

#2 Staying Committed To Your Journey

#3 Removing  The Mental Barrier That Keep You Bound To Doing Business The Old Fashion Way

#4 Wisdom To Accomplishing Your Goals In More Than One Way

#5 Reading will provide you with clues that will lead you to your answers for your destiny and for abundance!


Take time and read the book, Build It Big Build It Better and you will discover the empowerment to cause your creativity to explode, ideas to inspire you and direction from my first hand experience to help you to take BIG LEAPS and achieve childcare success!

Watch my story of what got me going with finishing this book!


One response to “Step One To Changing Your Childcare Business: Read Your Way To Success”

  1. Hi Mrs. Dickerson. I have owned my family childcare business for many years now. I’m constantly approached to offer advise to help others to start or manage their own childcare businesses. I never really felt qualified to consider myself an expert as of yet. Withing the past 2 years, I began having this strong urge of transitioning into becoming a consultant helping those in my area with their family or group daycares. I even thought about throwing in the towel and just go work for someone else. I recently learned about your services and I am truly blow away by your confidence and knowledge. You’ve inspired me to stop hiding in the shadows of self doubt and fears. My mind is always flooded with innovative ideas. I’m finally letting God lead me through. I really believe He has led me right to you. I still have a ways before I want to actually began that new process. In the short time of finding you, I have learned so much more. I’m constantly reading many books. I finished your How I Did It book in one day. I am now patiently waiting to receive my mailed copies of your Build It Big and Jump Start books. I now am revamping my dreams of expanding my daycare, re-branding myself and business from a childcare provider to a Childcare Entrepreneur, getting out there to network with other businesses and making readjustments to my out dated systems I have been stuck in. I want to thank you so much for sharing your journey. I’m moving at the speed of light now! Can’t wait to meet you in person and more extensive training programs you offer. God bless you.

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