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Steps That You’ve Skipped To Getting Started In The Childcare Industry

  1. Several of you are looking to get started in the childcare industry, and you’re looking for ways to make a safe transition from your job to becoming a full-time business owner.

2. You may have already gotten started in the industry, but you have no clue as to what it really takes to expand and grow your business.

3. You may have a large childcare facility, and you feel overwhelmed because there were a few steps that you missed when preparing your launch of getting started towards your childcare goals and dreams.

For today’s lesson I’m going to help you with three key points to figure all of this out, and you will discover necessary steps for getting started in the childcare industry. The first necessary step is to make a mental shift. This mental shift is all about you discovering why it is that you are in the childcare industry. I know a lot of people don’t talk about why they got started in the childcare industry much because at the end of the day it’s all about numbers, keeping kids clean and dry, fed, and having ultimately happiness.

MEntal shift

I want to help you tap into the next level by helping you understanding clearly why you got started in this industry. When you understand clearly why you got started in this industry you will have a major mental shift. This mental shift will cause an increase to happen in your life. You have to decide that I want to be successful in this industry, and here’s how I’m going to be successful.

This leads me to the key point #2  Discovering your big idea. Your big idea has to be about your clients and not about you. Many childcare business owners get started in this industry because they have a love for caring for kids, they want to see children grow, learn, and they want to see children provided hot nutritious meals.


So now ask yourself, Why would your parents need you for those childcare services?

If what you do is no different than what your competitor can do, why is it that parents are buying childcare services from you and not from some one else?

Don’t really know?

No Problem, the Key is to: Understanding the big idea behind what you’re truly doing will definitely cause you to move forward successfully and with clarity.

Remember the big idea is never about you; however, it’s a solution to what your parents want.

big idea

This leads me to step three, having business goals for your childcare program.

Never get started with a task without first counting the cost. That’s a biblical principle that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has taught us. He says whenever a person decides to build a house, he must first count the cost, which is complete wisdom.

I would love you to join me LIVE at our next tour stop to help you discover how to create the right goals for your business.


Another success secret that is important for you is to use the goal accelerator because it helps you write out your big goal worksheet, and it causes you to manifest your goals faster than you would going at it without having a clear path of what you’re targeting for.

Having a big goals worksheet is something that you should keep posted up around you or with you all the time, and you should reference it every day. This will help you keep clarity about why you’re working towards this big idea and big goal and the end result that you’re going to have from it.

The Big Goal Section of The Goal Accelerator

The Big Goal Section of The Goal Accelerator

Just by knowing this information helps you understand how to get started in your business and how to make that mental shift. These are just a few topics that you will discover when you meet me in Chicago. The Chicago Ignite Tour stop is the last tour stop of this type that we will host. Like they always say, save the best for last. I want to see you in Chicago.

I want to help you manifest your greatness. I want to help you sit at a table and take a note that will change your life. I want to show you a secret that many people won’t reveal to you, and it’s only going to be at the Chicago tour stop. I want to see you with so many aha moments that it will cause you to feel a bubble on the inside of you and to feel alive again. This is why I named it the Ignite Tour stop because I want to ignite you towards your greatness. Get your tickets right now to the Ignite Tour stop.

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