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Story Time – Discover How Forgiveness Can Push Your Childcare Dreams

Morning Meditation Time To Think and Pray

What a WOW! the week this has been for me. Wow meaning, allowing the peace of God to help me understand my role as the CEO of a forever changing childcare business. During my quiet time, I began to think of the different lessons that I’ll be teaching for all of the Childcare Bosses that will attend the Miami Tour Stop this, May 27-28. During my quiet time, there were three thoughts that came to me I thought I that today’s blog post would bring so much value to you if I shared them.

The first thought that I had this week:

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. As a CEO and childcare boss, your sole goal is to grow your childcare business and in growing your childcare business that means growing your willing staff. Now notice that I said willingly. When you encounter staff that’s willing to flow with your vision treats them to your best of everything.
  2. Forgive Quickly. When working with people, the purpose of you forgiving quickly is to move you forward in your business and in your life. Unforgiveness keeps you stuck in a rut. Free your load and don’t carry the burdens of others. Let them go!
  3.  Ask For Everything That You Desire. Don’t feel like you’re in despair just ask for what you want. Create yourself a focus board that will keep you hoping and believing in yourself that you can run a successful childcare business that you can reach your goals!

Andrea’s Focus Board

So these are my tips to keep you moving forward and having a wonderful Work It Wednesday! Let me know if you learned something or if this post agreed with you in any way. Leave your comments below!

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