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How to have good success

Do you need help finding some direction and clarity to help you better manage your life and your business? Are you struggling with ways to stay on task in your business? Are you lost as to where to begin with your day? Are you looking for a rhythm for keeping

My Saturday Success

Being purposeful about your dream life Just like any woman does, I began to dream a bigger dream of my dream life and what I wanted to do in my reality so that I can live in my dreams. I remember one day sitting down and writing a list of
[embed][/embed] Hey everybody! This is your Coach, Andrea Dickerson here with Today I want to talk to childcare business owners about helping your teachers, staff, and administration team to work together towards time management skills. I also want to talk to you about how you can motivate and inspire
How do you know if your Systems of Operational Procedures Manual will benefit others as much as it benefits you? Are you perfectly clear that when someone else reads your information that they are able to utilize the information and execute your strategy? Are you sure the systems you have
Hey there, childcare boss. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, and welcome to the New Year! I’m excited about this new year because this is a wonderful time for you to create effective systems that actually work in your childcare business. Maybe you’ve tried creating systems on your own, and
Are you a childcare business owner that struggles to find rhythm for their day? Do you go into your childcare business with thoughts, plans, and ideas but once you sit down to your desk it never really happens? Do you find yourself doing everything else but what you thought about
The power of your words. I can remember the final days of my faith journey as I was preparing to open my childcare center, Akeba Academy I was so happy. I felt like I had passed all the hurdles there was to pass. I just knew my childcare center was
Branding reaches beyond your business name, logo. and marketing materials. Branding is an all around picture of who you are and your childcare culture and services offered. Branding can reach as far as your unique tag lines, company songs, original sayings, business image, systems, business activities, and the culture you