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The Childcare Business Can Be So Exciting!

I’ve been so excited today about my new MINDSET! I believe so much in what I do until I am able to put a STAMP on IT! I have organized my childcare business until I can GUARANTEE my clients will be 100% SATISFIED! I am so sure of it until I added this stamp to my marketing materials! Check it some pics below:

Sometimes you just got to trust and believe that YOU GOT IT! Believe that you got what it takes to SATISFY THE STUFFIEST PARENT! I am so excited about how this will set me apart from my competition! I am the only facility in my town that offers a GUARANTEE! YIPPEE For me!

In the first photo this is the front of my rack card-Notice I included a strong call to action!

The second photo contains a visual of what takes place in the facility-Notice I am appealing to the 5 senses!

The third photo details  how I have a program where parents can WIN BIG BUCKS when they refer some to my daycare center !

The fourth photo details How the Friend who has been referred can WIN BIG BUCKS when they return the card and enroll!

This is a great marketing concept! If you have any questions about how to ORGANIZED a parent referral program be sure to post your questions below!

Much to Your Success!

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