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The First Step to Working With Your Ideal Parents In a Crowded Childcare Market


Finding new parents to visit, call or enroll into your childcare program can be made easy if you take the extra time to clearly define your ideal market of parents.

If you know who your ideal clients are, then you are able to cut out all of the clutter of being exhausted and ineffective with your marketing efforts.

Marketing your childcare program should be fun and you should see the results of your efforts. If you talk to childcare business owners who know who their ideal clients are, they will tell you that defining their ideal client profile is the best thing they could have done.
With a clearly defined target audience, it is much easier to determine where and how to market your childcare business.

To begin your journey of profiling your ideal clients, follow I Own A Daycare’s simple profiling steps:
1. Identify the parent profile that you DON”T want to work with. Write down everything.
2. Decide what you are passionate about in your children program.
3. Ask yourself what part of your program you enjoy providing for parents and if you do it well.
4. Ask yourself what you like and do best within your childcare program. You can identify a niche for each age group in your program and clarify what it is that you do best with each one.
5. Look at your competition. Are they providing a similar service, and is their program full?
Now that you are clear on what your program can provide, ask yourself what parent would buy your services.

Creating an ideal client profile just means that you know who is an absolute perfect fit for what you offer. You should tailor your marketing and new business acquisition efforts to that specific profile. You may still work with clients and invite new customers to buy who fit just a portion of the profile.

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