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The Power Of Planning Your Childcare Business In Advance

If you’ve had trouble with referencing back to what you’ve written in your planner, it’s a sign that maybe you don’t live your life and business on a system and by a system. To get over this hurdle, it’s time to achieve greater success because you must become a person of habit. Having an Editable Monthly Calendar allows you the opportunity to plan for success and to cluster events. When I cluster events, it allows me to live my life based on themes and not on the go. 

I believe that the Task Management System, if used effectively, will help you overcome all the challenges of not referencing back to your planner. I know what it’s like to have to take out time to write out your month and not reference it. The reason being is because you don’t plan it based on a focus or a theme.  

Planning My Monthly Focus

Using my Editable Monthly Calendar that’s included in my Task Management System allows me to plan out the following:

#1 My personal life, family events, my family sport events, dining and restaurants, my shopping, shopping lists, spa days, and hair appointments

I remember, before I created this system, that I would just accept appointments, and find myself rushing to meet too many deadlines, or even miss appointments. Managing my life without using a system caused so many personal problems. Due to poor preparation and planning, I would sometimes go to work with my nails unkept or maybe one broken or missing.

Now imagine me saying that I’m the number one childcare provider in my area, and when I go to work, one or two of my nails are missing because I didn’t have time to go to the nail shop…. Honestly, would I really look like I was the number one childcare provider in my area? Not really. 

What was missing was that I didn’t have time set up to take care of myself to keep my personal life, my family events, and my most enjoyable parts of my weekends intact. I was so unkept due to the fact that I was not planning my life based on a system because I didn’t have the power of this Editable Monthly Calendar that’s included in my Task Management System. This wasn’t the best way for me to live a successful life, and others could see that as well. One would never think how powerful your personal life impacts your business life and your business schedule, until they are both out of control. This is why it’s so important to live your life on a theme, and this is how I plan my life. Now when I plan my life and business one month in advance I truly enjoy grabbing my calendar to see what’s next and it’s so easy to stay on task. 


#2 Writing up your upcoming events. Your business events are so important to your success. Something as simple as a staff meeting is an event. Having an event that people will want to attend is what will keep your meetings interesting, and keeps your staff coming out to meetings because it’s a place they want to be. This is why having my Editable Monthly Calendar allows me to write in my dates, to plan it on appropriate days and times where I’m not rushed and I’m not frazzled.  

It gives me enough time to plan out exactly what I want to speak to my staff about so that it could be interesting, and exciting, and full of content and information for them. Any time your staff don’t want to attend events such as meetings more than likely it is because it feels like it was a waste of their time.  

By planning out your upcoming events in your childcare Task Management System, it is the best way to allow your team to see that this was full of thoughtfulness. Thoughtful meetings relay that the information was created just for them. 

I also plan out things such as my curriculum, which includes my semesters or my weeks. I write in our field trips, our vacation days. I also keep track of assignments that must be turned in. I keep track of my appointments with my coaching clients that are a part of my Childcare Acceleration Program/VIP clients.

I keep up with my teacher training days. I keep up with my appointments that I have to meet with other businesses. I keep up with what I’m marketing. I keep up with my days off so that I can really have events that are meaningful in my life, and I plan it all out on my monthly calendar of events. 


#3 Editable calendars are important because it helps you customize your monthly focus. I remember looking back on my calendar system. Let’s just say it was in April. Aril is my spring break focus, so everything that I’ve planned, everything that I want to do, all of my trainings, all of my meetings, all of my special buys, my hairstyle, my nail design, my attire, all of it is focused in and around spring break. It keeps me in the habit of knowing what’s to come next in my business, and it keeps my life so exciting because it’s all planned around my monthly focus, which is my spring break. 

Inside of your monthly planner, you have four editable calendars. At the top of each editable calendar, you have your month section, and then you have your year. Right outside of your year is where you put your monthly focus title. Your monthly focus title will help you really synchronize your life and your business so it all comes in together, and it really brings it to life where you’re not just planning on the go, but you’re planning with purpose. You’re planning with instinct. You’re planning with creativity, and you’re planning with loads of information that you can help someone else live a better life.  


Let’s try it this month. Let’s try picking and selecting a theme for your month and planning your personal life, planning your business life, and planning events all around that same theme. Watch how excited you would be to keep referencing your Task Management System because it contains the secrets to your life being extremely successful.

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