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The Power Of Your Words!

The power of your words.

I can remember the final days of my faith journey as I was preparing to open my childcare center, Akeba Academy I was so happy. I felt like I had passed all the hurdles there was to pass. I just knew my childcare center was going to be the best ever in town. All of my hard work was going to pay off soon.

By this time I had gone through enough until I just knew that the storm was over. So upon the day of licensing my rival J. Strickland arrived. She arrived with her black bag and her magic wand of permission to grante me to operate. I was sure that I was going to get my license to operate. I mean couldn’t she see all of my hard work? From a small two bed room group center to a large childcare center and all of the work it takes to do that. But oh no after 8 hours of her long inspection she denied my license.

License denied with 6 weeks left for her return. During this time I cried and I almost said the wrong things. I felt like saying I Quit! I could not understand why I got denied.

I would look at other childcare centers and wonder why me? I was comparable to other centers if not better. Within the 6 weeks I decided to get my mouth and heart back on track and focus on winning! My husband and I did what ever it took to make it. From working late nights fixing areas on the playground with the only light being provided by the street lights to working early mornings by 6:30am to beat the heat and lay as much mulch as we could.

I felt like Martin Luther King Jr, when he said I have already seen the promise land. I saw my center in full operation because I saw it in the spirit of my mind first.

One of the most valuable lessons of success that kept me going was: If it’s worth having it is worth fighting for.

Fight? yes! After all you can do is depend on God you will learn how to fight. I used my words.

I could see my success because my words were documented and I used my mouth to declare what I want to see happening for myself, I spoke my own success.

I would walk around my property and declare God’s glory and what I wanted to happen in my business. I would speak that moms and dads were bringing their children into my childcare center happy and satisfied every day. I would speak that my childcare center a money magnet and filled to capacity.

The power of your words are more real than how you feel about your situation. Use your words to declare what you want to see.

There are times when negative words can hurt you as well. Don’t use your mouth to tie up your blessings. I could go on and On about my journey of childcare success and being a childcare business owner. So here are a few tips to keep help you fight to keep your words working for you:

#1 Develop a morning routine of positive thinking and prayer
#2 Write down what you want to prosper in your life as if it is happening right now. Ex: I have a successful childcare business.

When parents hear of The Rock and Akeba Academy, they call it blessed and the best place for kids. My parents love referring others to my business. Akeba and the Rock enrolls no less than one new student every day. I love my daycare and the profits I generate from it.

#3 Use your positive affirmations everyday
#4 Add pictures to increase your faith.

You don’t need to have hours of meditation and prayer but it will happen for you if you are dedicated to your own success by using the power of your own words.

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Do you use affirmations in your childcare business?
Please share your tips–and where we can find YOUR site–below!

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