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Time Management Secrets For Childcare Business Owners

Time Management Is VITAL to Your Enrollment


One of the first steps that I implement during a coaching session is to access my client’s time management system.  Time is one of the most important commodities that we cannot replace and should not be taken for granted.

To improve the overall quality of your childcare program you must take time to plan and make improvements. 

One of the recurring mistakes that busy childcare business owners make is putting their time into the wrong activities.

Implementing an effective time management system will help you avoid “time wasters” and “dream killers.”

I have a question for you. Does this statement sound familiar?  I need to increase my enrollment.

 If it does then can you respond with a “yes” to this statement:  I have business development days in place.

If your answer is yes, then you can say “yes” to this:  I use my business development days for business development only.

While asking you those questions may seem to have no rhyme or reason; the purpose is to help you to realize – if you do not make time for client attraction and enrollment building you set yourself up for drifters to possibly find you.

Instead, create a marketing plan; stick with the plan and get the results of your marketing efforts.

Maybe you can use Saturdays as a business development day to begin your work week with a plan instead of a hopeful wish.

Make the shift.  Select a day to focus on business development for enrollment building purposes only.

You will be glad you did!

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