Why Did Andrea Create The Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love Course? Watch This Special VIDEO Message

Finally, a virtual online training program delivering a complete, step-by-step system to help you reach your highest
potential as a childcare business owner and achieve
maximum success!

The Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love Enrichment Training gives you an entire year’s worth of professional development and leadership training. With-in the year you will discover a solid plan for childcare success and how to be the leader your business must have to provoke growth and success. The training lessons are  handed to you in easy-to-implement formats.You’ll learn the most up-to-date, proven strategies, tools, and tactics so you move past the hurdles and overwhelm of growing your childcare business. Best of all, The Design Your Life Training Course was created for busy childcare entrepreneurs. The sessions are designed to help you grow your business in as little as 60 minutes two times each month!

testimonial1Greetings My name is Natalie Moore I own and run a childcare center called Moore Family Childcare located in San Antonio Texas. I’ve been following your story for some time now, I must add that I love you’re videos and your E-Book! What attracted me to your program is 1st you’re like me. And what I mean is I can relate to you more so than any other Childcare coach I’ve came across. I to have had to over come many trails tribulations I had to start my live over after Hurricane Katrina. Childcare wasn’t something that I picture in my future back then this actually started as a joke! Childcare here in San Antonio was to high and one day I was joking around and said i’m in the wrong business I should open up a daycare center of my own and that’s when it hit me! Natalie do it! So I did, I started with a in-home childcare first I ran that from 2007-2013 As of January 8,2014 I have been open for business. Since than I have enrolled at least 24 children but I need to do better! Since then I have lost (5) Employee’s I not feeling good about this in my spirit at all! I want to start off right and stay right. Mrs. Andrea, I have family that needs me and this to Succeed and that I will do with the Grace of God and you as my Mentor! I’m looking forward to working with you with this! A NEW YEAR! A NEW BUSINESS! A NEW START!
San Antonio Texas

testimonial2Andrea, Working with you on your Goal Setting Course has been amazing. You have helped me so much to define my goals and create a plan to reach them. Now that they ‘re written down, they’re getting done before I even know it. Its like I write it down and then it comes to pass – almost effortlessly in some cases. The opportunities are finding me. I have been thinking about becoming a coach for over a year now – I’ve been thinking about it and talking about it, but I haven’t taken any action or done ANYTHING toward that “someday dream.” It seems like after I started working with you and told you about it and wrote down my goals, within 3 weeks I booked 2 speaking engagements at conferences and had the opportunity to participate in a book on child care success. I have also created a website, and have 3 products underway. It seems like everything is falling into place & by the end of this year, I will reach my goal of becoming a child care coach, right along with you.I just cannot believe what a difference it has made to work with you. You are very inspiring. All of the stuff that I am doing, I never could have done on my own the same way I am doing it now. I wouldn’t be inspired, I wouldn’t be pushed, I wouldn’t be driven, I wouldn’t get the encouragement. Just the act of having a partner who pushes you to do better makes a huge difference. I am feeling like I am finally seeing how to get where I want to be. I’m feeling passion and motivation – and its just all falling into place at this point – and I have no doubt that I’m gonna get there, and six months ago I didn’t see that at all.

Sindye Alexander
Munchkin Manor Webcam Daycare
“Where your kids are just a click away!”

testimonial3Hi Andrea!! Thank you so much for hosting the live conference call tonight! I am in the beginning stages of moving towards opening a childcare facility and the information given in this call has motivated me even more! I am so excited about my future ahead and I owe it all to you!!! You are such an inspiration and have given me 100% confidence that I can be very successful in this business!! One of the many things that I have learned during the call as to how to start your day, has me preparing for bed early tonight so that I can wake up bright and early and start by listening to “My Childcare Business Daily Confession,” among other things for preparation. You are amazing!
Bonji Hopson
testimonial4 Thank you Andrea this live conference was truly amazing! OMG….so much information was given that I am going to institute tonight. In your words “fast action approach”!
Jacqueline Griffith
testimonial5I am enjoying my coaching call with Andrea Dickerson. I am being filled with enlightenment and a lot of good information that my business cannot do without.
Marjorie Mallord
Owner of Precious Lambs Early Childhood & Child Care Center
Holbrook, NY
Here is what your training will include


Monthly Design Your Life Video Access
realTwo times each month you’ll receive a minimum of one new digital training video of Andrea delivering you a mind shifting video. Topics are divided into easily digestible segments, helping ensure that you can implement each as you follow the program
Monthly Design Your Life Training Calls
landlineAll Access calls are LIVE plus you have Q&A sessions. Your training course includes a year long schedule so there’s no reason not to join in. However, all calls are recorded and audios become available within 24 hours for listening online or downloading to your iPod or other MP3 player.
Monthly How-To Childcare Success Guides
DesigningYourLifeCover3D-3-1As a member you have access to an online library of Andrea’s Proven Childcare Success Guides, each covering a universal area of mastery such as Success planning, Partnership Planning, Time management and Productivity, Team Building, Goal Acceleration and more You can have the best center or childcare service out there, but if you don’t have the mindset of a successful childcare entrepreneur, you won’t get very far period. After all, Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th. In these Success Assignment Worksheets , Andrea shares her personal experiences, and the lessons she’s learned along the way, so YOU can better
handle the obstacles that come along with owning a childcare business that is successful. You can’t avoid them, but you can learn to master them like a true leader.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Overcoming Fear as a Childcare Entrepreneur
  • How to Handle Criticism as You Grow Your Business
  • Up-level Secrets: How to create opportunities
  • Success Journaling for More Confidence & Creativity
  • Energy & Self-Care for Childcare Leaders
  • Attaining the Mindset of a Childcare Leader
The Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love Enrichment Course Will Cover the Following Topics in Step-by-Step Detail:
Training 1-
How To Gain Clarity About Your Purpose In Your Childcare Business To Do More Of What You Love
Training 2-
How To Organize and Create A Childcare Husband/Wife Partnership That Will Excel Your Childcare Business. Plus Get Your Partnership Planning Worksheet!
Training 3-
How To Get Rid of Being Overwhelmed and Bring Order To Your Business and Accomplish More By Developing The Success Routines That Work! Less Stress More Success!
Training 4-
Learn What It Takes To Increase Your Childcare Business Income By Making Simple Upgrades That Every Successful Business Owner Must Do.
Training 5-
Build The Business You Love With The People You Love. Learn How To Bring Balance To Your Life and Business PLUS Use These Strategies And Help Your Staff To Do The Same.<—–LIFE CHANGING~Andrea Dickerson
Training 6-
Do You Find It Hard To Get Ahead In Your Childcare Business? Where Ever You Find Hinderances You Will Find Negativity Lurking Around Somewhere. Learn how to get rid of negativity within you and within those who work with you. Add more of what you love and achieve your goals!
Training 7-
Believe It Or Not Childcare Business Owners Typically Struggle With Being Super Successful In Their Childcare Business. It’s Time To Move From Just Enough To More Than Enough! Learn How To Tap Into Your Highest Childcare Success Potential
Training 8-
During this two times each month it’s all about CLARITY! Learn How To Gain Clarity and Prepare Your Business For Success, By Learning How To Make Decisions That Will Help You Grow and Increase. Making The Right Decision Can Be Hard Without Clarity
Training 9-
The Lack Of Confidence Is Holding You HOSTAGE. Your Self-Worth Is Directly Related To Your Success And Opportunities. Learn How To RELEASE YOURSELF To Be Confident In The Childcare Industry
Training 10-
How To Gain Clarity About Your Purpose In Your Childcare Business To Do More Of What You Love
Training 11-
Build IT Big Conference Get Your Tickets!
Training 12-
How To End Your Business Year Strong and Begin A Prosperous New Year