Are You Searching For A Better Way To Manage Your Childcare Business And The People Who Help You Do It?

This is Your Opportunity to be Mentored and Coached by America’s one and ONLY Husband and Wife Childcare Industry Success Coaches..
Andrea and Kamau Dickerson.

AndreaKamau_Final-1 Kamau and I believe in an ongoing learning approach to business especially the business of childcare. Although we did not begin as experts..we fought our way through trails, test, ups, and downs until we mastered the process of starting a home based childcare business, a group daycare, a nanny agency and owning/managing multi-site childcare locations.

That’s right. We know what it is like to work together from start to finish in an everyday childcare environment and how partnerships work so that your business can achieve maximum success.

What we’ve learned from experience will certainly enhance your business skills for partnering with your spouse or leaders in business. Our promise to you and to ourselves is to keep progressing and learning more and more so that you will always have top-notch, relevant and proven expertise to help guide you in your childcare business.

Team Dickerson has a proven track record of personal success within their childcare businesses and from their list of clients which continues to grow daily. From suffering together so that they could enjoy success together Team Dickerson demonstrates their ability to deliver results and strategies for childcare success!

One principle that Kamau and I stand on is that where there is unity there is strength. We know first hand that without increasing our skills in business partnerships we would and could not have been so successful.

If you want to learn how to work well with your supporting partner, spouse or with the leaders on your team in general, learning the key strategies and principles that Team Dickerson will share will change your business and your life and how your manage your team for the better.
The Design Your Life Around The Childcare Business You Love was created for all levels of Child Care Owners, Directors, Family Child Care Providers, and those who are just Getting Started in a child care career.
During this training you will learn:

  • The role of leadership and how to understand each other’s abilities and duties in your childcare business
  • How to build and develop support systems to provide accountability and structure for partnership success
  • The power of proper dream forecasting to promote unity and keep the vision alive
  • Mastering your role as the visionary or supporting partner or leader
  • Discover how effective partnerships create more in-pocket revenue
  • Working with both coaches during your 12 month commitment to success will provide so much insight and strength to helping you balance family and business.
Our promise is to stick with you until you WIN! Are You Ready To Get An Entire Year Of Mentoring From Your Leadership Team?