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Virtual Learning Super Saturday Marketing Event RECAP

How can I stay current and on the cutting edge in the childcare industry?

Child Care Business Owners Always Ask Me, Coach, What Can I Do to Take My Business to the Next Level?

 And how can I fill in these potholes that are in my business that has caused me so much pain?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting down asking God questions about what could I do to continuously offer child care business owners resources and information to empower them to succeed. While thinking these things internally in my mind, I began to talk to my husband about a few of my thoughts, and he confirmed to me that I should move forward with hosting Super Saturdays for child Care Business Owners.

Virtual Learning Super Saturday Marketing Event RECAP


When he told me this, it resonated with me until I immediately went into planning mode. It took me about two weeks to plan and in six weeks the training was filled with 100 childcare business owners to attend the virtual online super Saturday event.

While I know that everyone may be over the thrill of  virtual learning, I still know that virtual learning during such a time as this is…. convenient. It’s intentional. And it definitely offers a platform where I can over-deliver  because there’s no time delay no restrictions on being in a building that I have to leave or exit because of another vendor has to come in.

Therefore my mind now is free where I can just continuously give content and over-deliver. As a matter of fact, when we hosted our last super Saturday, we discussed behind the scenes secrets to marketing and creating funnels in 2021.

Join us and discover upgrade secrets to your childcare marketing, social media, planning, calendar systems, and marketing to stay on task to stay ahead and to think, as a mastermind on what you can do to continuously grow your childcare business. Even during that time such as this!

There have been no complaints from any of the attendees, everyone felt like they receive loads of content and information that they could use right away in their business.

Marketing, like a childcare boss, is essential in the 21st century.

This is why my mindset is no longer just daycare as normal. But I want to teach you the systems, the management, the marketing, the strategies, and the mastermind, to keeping your business moving forward, even during challenging times like this.

We had two speakers, Lizette Reed and Francis Davis.

Each of these ladies blew it out of the park by providing true-life examples and samples of what your management systems from a CDA and management systems from parent registration perspective as respect to the marketing processes that really causes childcare business owners to create the proper follow-up system, create the proper learning environment and to have marketing content that goes beyond the normal “Now Enrolling” Advertisement. As a matter of fact, these two coaches over-delivered by making sure that images were provided and by making sure that step by step processes was provided and follow up opportunities to work with them were provided. I can’t express how excited I am that we’ll have our brand new 2021 Super Saturday event!

Virtual Learning Super Saturday Marketing Event RECAP

It’s  happening this  January 2021.

Be sure to get your tickets so that you will be ready for what’s about to happen in 2021 and refreshed, reimagined, and ready to reload and shift your business.

Super Saturday tickets are totally affordable. And you can go now and get yourself a ticket. And if you think that you’re gonna enjoy the replay, be sure to click the link to get your replay as well.

Alright you guys, thank you so much for allowing me to talk to you about my recap of our super Saturday event.

It was so good, you’ll see. I believe that every childcare business owner that looks for information during this time of the year, so that they are ready for their New Year’s should definitely sign up.

Get your tickets here.

Virtual Learning Super Saturday Marketing Event RECAP

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